Remember Me Volume 1

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Author: Christopher Pike
ISBN: 978-144-490-1269
RRP: $18.99

Christopher Pike has re-released another of his series from the 1990’s to entertain and enthrall another generation of readers. Remember Me Volume One contains Remember Me and The Return part 1.

Originally released as three separate books this series has a new two volume format. This is a good thing and an attractive new format BUT it means that volume one stops in the middle of a story, leaving me salivating with impatient anticipation for volume two.

A young adult supernatural fiction this is fast paced and easy to read. Offering a plausible and comforting answer to the age old question of what happens when we die. Light and entertaining while remaining thought provoking and philosophical.

remember me christopher pike

Remember Me is the story of Shari Cooper, a beautiful and well adjusted 18 year old high school senior with her whole life ahead of her. Almost ready to graduate, she received her graduation present early – a bright red ferrari. A hunky boyfriend, the best brother in the world. Shari had it all and was happy in her life. And then it all came crashing down around her – on the night she died.

At a Friday night party Shari and her friends try to communicate with the spirit world and Shari runs out of the room for some alone time on a fourth storey balcony. She falls to her death and ends up at home, unaware of her death. Her friends assume it was suicide but Shari knows she didn’t kill herself. Rather than moving on into the light Shari decides to remain close to those she left behind and discover the identity of her killer.

Remember Me is the story of Shari’s search for her killer and journey down the path of enlightenment. Joined in her quest for justice by Peter, a fellow spirit she knew from school, Shari faces her fears and the darkness that seems to follow her. Often encouraged by Peter to enter the light and move out of the limbo that is an earthbound existence after death Shari is adamant in her refusal to move on until she discovers the perpetrator of her untimely demise.

Eventually the killer is unearthed, just in time to prevent another murder, and Shari is satisfied. She has also seen the light and been able to convince Peter that the time has come for him face his personal demons and cross iover with her.

Throughout Remember Me we are faced with the baggage carried with us through our lives and the effect it has on us and our afterlife. Pike addresses issues that every adolescent faces in their every day life and the futility in allowing it to weigh us down while showing us the reasons we need to let it go. Allowing us to see that every person is special and impacts on the world around us. For a young adult fiction this is a very thought provoking series opener.

The Return moves us to some new characters with life experiences a world away from Shari while sharing personal similarities. We are treated to a much more spiritual view of life and the universe. Discussing the myriad incarnations we experience and the theory that we are all part of one much larger existence.

Part 1 jumps around quite a bit and takes some getting your head around. Jumping chapter by chapter from Shari and her quest for self awareness on a purely spiritual plane to Jean and her personal evolution from the 18 yr old high school senior in the rough side of town to someone who wants to make a difference in the world and inspire her generation to achieve bigger things.

I can’t say much about The Return part 1 because it would be writing the review halfway through the book. It is an interesting read that is easy to get into and get through. Very thought provoking if you are interested in the soul and it’s journey through space and time. Most of all I look forward to coming back to tell you about it when I have read part 2.

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  1. Oh my goodness! I was in love with these books when I was a kid. Couldn’t get enough of Christoper Pike. I had no idea he was re-releasing his old works, gold!

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