The Pleasure Seekers

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Author: Tishani Doshi
ISBN: 9781408800645
RRP: $29.99

This book will take you far away from yourself as you journey to another world, another culture, another religion. At times it’s a little hard going because the culture is so far removed from what we are accustomed to. Quite a captivating read, if only to delve further into the cultural practices of the Patel clan.

The Pleasure Seekers details the adult life of Babo beginning on the day he leaves his childhood home to embark on the adventure of a lifetime across the sea in London. Having grown up in a strict Jain household the freedom and temptation Babo finds himself with on a daily basis in London proves to be quite challenging and in the end a huge awakening, a broadening of horizons that takes him even further from his Jain upbringing.

the pleasure seekers

This is a story of diversity and also of coming together. The story of two very different worlds meeting and creating a little universe of their own in their own home. It takes us through decades and into a new millennium with the next generation of the family.

An insight into the culture in India and the difficulties some adolescents have in following the religious customs, especially when they are feeling a little lost and adrift. We begin with Babo Patel and his trip to London to further his education, and he was educated in more than his parents ever wanted; which took his life in a different direction and landed him right back in Madras with a lovely Western wife. We take this new direction with him through all the trials and hardships of trying to integrate two very different cultures and remain true to himself and his love.

Not the sort of book I would usually pick up but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was easily drawn into the characters and found myself laughing with them, and wanting to cry with them. Worth the read if you’re looking for something different and a look into a different way of life.

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  1. Another great review Michelle you have drawn me in and yet again I find myself taking note of the Author and title, adding to my ever growing list of books I need to read thanks you.

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