Tabloid Girl

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Author: Sharon Marshall
ISBN: 978-075-154400-8
RRP: $22.99

This book is not your average novel, in fact it isn’t a novel at all. It is written by Sharon Marshall, who worked as a tabloid reporter for 10 years and this is her memoirs from that time.

A couple of years ago I read “The Naughty Girls Guide to Life” which is a fun how to for women. For the book Sharon Marshall collaborated with socialite Tara Palmer-Tomkinson and when I found out this was written by the same author I knew I’d be in for some laugh out loud moments.

tabloid girl

Sarah Marshall has made a name for herself in the UK as a journalist and television personality, and Tabloid Girl goes back to the beginning to when she was trying to break into the entertainment industry. This book has loads of humour and cringe worthy moments and it is brutally honest (but understandably most of her colleagues names are withheld).

Sarah is a strong (and possibly crazy woman), she kept going even after being subjected to celebrity guard dogs, death threats and bondage parties…but the thrill of getting the next big  story kept her going. Eventually Sarah scored herself a staff job with a fancy expense account, but up until that moment her future employment was only guaranteed on a day to day basis.

Sarah takes us behind the scenes and reveals what extremes celebrities will go to just to get their name in the paper, and what others will do to stay out of it.

This book had me laughing from page 1 and hooked until the end.

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