Book Review: The Pitch: City Love 2

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Author: Belinda Williams
ISBN: 9781760300470
RRP: $3.99

The Pitch is the second book in the City Love series which I foresee having four parts; it follows on from The Boyfriend Sessions which was published late last year. Yes, the stories are linked but don’t be put off if you haven’t read The Boyfriend Sessions because The Pitch will stand alone.

Maddy Spencer is the ambitious, career driven 29 year old owner of Grounded Marketing, a business that she has started, nurtured and brought to the brink of the big time. In just four years she has made it a force to be reckoned with and taken out awards for their growth. The business is booming, largely because Maddy is married to it. She works very long hours and has little time for anything outside of work.

Time is always made to spend some quality time with the girls, her three closest girlfriends – Christa, Cate and Scarlett. The girls think four years without a man is more than enough and Maddy needs to get back in the game. They convince her to try speed dating and then set her up on blind dates, none of which go well.

Grounded Marketing is gearing up for its first pitch to a major player, this is the pitch that could launch them into the big league and Maddy’s father has organised for a business associate to mentor her and help the business take the next step. Maddy is expecting one of her father’s contemporaries, so when Paul Neilsen arrives she is a little surprised.

I found a lot of The Pitch quite predictable and could spot what was going to happen very early on. I still found this book to be lots of fun. Williams writes with humour as she explores the lives of Maddy and her friends. The four friends are extremely different, Christa has worked through her commitment fears and has been with Maddy’s big brother for nearly a year now. Scarlett doesn’t do relationships and Cate is just hanging out for her Prince Charming and happily ever after. Maddy on the other hand has committed herself heart and soul to Grounded Marketing to make sure she doesn’t need to worry about men, but the girls have decided enough’s enough.

the pitch

Maddy has health problems that mean she is unlikely to have children, she has had a lot of years to come to terms with this and I think this is at least part of her single minded focus on the business. There was a time I thought that children may not be a part of my future so I could empathise with her mindset and understand her behaviours. Her previous partner shattered her heart when they split because of her child bearing difficulties and it colours her approach to dating and relationships, as the baggage of our past relationships always does.

Williams writes authentic characters with issues many of us face every day and though from the outside it may seem that no-one would possibly be thinking about kids on the first date, there are definitely situations where I think that’s exactly what might happen.

The Pitch was fun and though there was a lot of fighting the attraction, jumping to conclusions and pre-empting the heartbreak by calling it off first I thoroughly enjoyed it. Williams explores the concept of life not going to plan deftly, and it’s something we can all understand, which helps lend weight to the authenticity. I doubt that many of us can look back on our lives and think that everything happened just the way we thought it would.

This is quite a light read with a generous helping of steam set in Sydney and setting us up for a trip to New York and an education on Scarlett’s back story in book three if I’m not mistaken. I am looking forward to seeing what Williams has in store for us next.

The Pitch is book #27 for the Australian Women Writer’s Challenge 2015.

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