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Avoiding Mr Right by Anita Heiss is the second book in a series of four. 

I have found that each title can easily be read as a stand alone book. But, if you do decide to read them out of order, it’ll spoil the endings of previous books — so consider yourself warned.

Avoiding Mr Right focuses on Peta Tully, who is in a relationship with the reliable James. He loves her, does things for her, and is always there.

Peta gets a job offer and is excited to accept and move from Sydney to Melbourne for a year. She wants to do it alone, which causes some friction between her and James. 

Despite his negativity, she leaves alone on this adventure. During her year away she meets up with some interesting men and they make their moves.

Peta battles to remain faithful to James. Or, more to the point, she struggles to stick to her plan to stay celibate when he’s not there.

Will her relationship with James survive? Will she give in to temptation?

There are moments to giggle at in this book, and Anita Heiss uses her stories to educate people on various issues facing the Indigenous population.

It’s a fun weekend read.

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7 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Avoiding Mr Right

  1. Anita Heiss’ ‘Avoiding Mr Right’ is another great read by this author. Hilarious moments galore throughout the book. This book can be read as a standalone or as part of the 3-book series.
    Meet Peta – she is offered a great job opportunity in Melbourne (a 12-month contract) in her dream job that she immediately snatches up. She has made her decision to leave her friends and her doting boyfriend James who also live in Sydney. Peta tells James that even though it’ll be a long-distance relationship she’ll be back home in 12 months – it’ll be like she never left!
    Despite taking a vow of Celibacy to be faithful to James she stumbles across many eligible bachelors she encounters in Melbourne. She reminds herself that she can look but not touch! A lot of self-discovery leads her down the path of true happiness.

    Thanks to Beauty & Lace Bookclub and Simon & Schuster for my copy of Avoiding Mr Right.

  2. Thank you, Beauty & Lace, for allowing me to read & review ‘Avoiding Mr Right’ by Anita Heiss.
    Peta has settled into her life with James; he is a wonderful guy, but she is not ready to settle down just yet. An excellent job opportunity has arisen for her to escape to Melbourne for a year; Peta immediately packs her bags, leaving James and her friends behind.
    Peta intends to return to James in 12 months and aims to be celibate while she is away, but temptations abound everywhere, even in her dreams. With many twists and turns, Peta navigates her amorous encounters and finds exactly what she needs after some genuine soul-searching.
    This is a fun read on the dating scene and the fun to be had, even when celibate. Thank you ‘Beauty & Lace Bookclub’ for the opportunity to read ‘Avoiding Mr Right’ by Anita Heiss.

  3. Avoiding Mr Right is another light hearted and easy to read novel by Anita Heiss. We are reacquainted with a group of besties but with the focus on main character Peta.
    Peta has accepted a too good to refuse 12 month work contract in Melbourne to push her career goals in the right direction, but this requires her to leave her boyfriend James and friends back home in Sydney.
    Peta is outgoing and sociable and soon finds herself enjoying various new friendships in Melbourne while maintaining a long distance relationship with James and her vow to be faithful to him. James loves her, is reliable and can be counted on to be waiting for her when she returns to Sydney, what more could a girl ask for ?
    Peta thinks a lot about relationships and does a lot of self reflection and soul searching, eventually finding her happily ever after.
    Thank you Beauty and Lace and Simon & Schuster for the opportunity to read and review Avoiding Mr Right.

  4. Avoiding Mr Right by Anita Heiss is book two in a series of three, we follow Peta who gets offered a 12 month contract in her dream job but it means moving interstate for 12 months. Peta is in a long term relationship with James but wants to do this year alone they take a vow of celibacy but Peta finds it hard to resist the charms of the men that throw themselves at her, will she keep her vow… you’ll have to read it and find out.

  5. Avoiding Mr Right is a nice light read. We follow Peta as she navigates her career and love life, there are ups and downs along the way with a lot of introspection.
    Thank you Beauty & Lace and Anita Heiss for the fab read.

  6. Peta is career driven, she knows what she wants, just wishing her friends & partner could support her move to Melbourne for this. After all, its only 12 months and she will observe celibacy while she is there, thinking only of her partner…
    Melbourne presents Peta a change, an amazing change not only in career but also different friends, colleagues and an endless stream of men who seem to be hot and keen. But she is not available, she is not interested, or is she.
    A good read, fun, light and has that twist at the end that has you go “yep, there it is”
    Thank you Anita Heiss for all her amazing reads, touching on equality and real world issues while still being a fun read, and Beauty & Lace for the chance to read!

  7. Book two centres on Tully, who unlike the other characters from the other books, has found her Mr Right, who is dependable and doting. Peta is offered a 12 month interstate contract and puts her life with him on hold. She takes a vow of celibacy but temptation is all around.
    Again, and I have mentioned this in the review of the other two books, these were published some time ago, the authors writing has progressed and evolved. These are good easy plane/beach reads.

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