Bom Bali: Life after Death…Ten Years On

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2012 marks the 10 year anniversary of the terrorist attack in Bali that devastated millions. Andrew Csabi was one of them, left with permanent injuries and memories that will always haunt him. He was on holiday with friends when the The Sari Club in Kuta was rocked by the blast that claimed the lives of 202 innocent people, 88 of them fellow Australians.

Andrew Csabi has written a book about his experiences, his survival and the heartbreaking journey he faced in the aftermath of the 2002 attack that resulted in the loss of his left leg above the knee and right foot.

Bom Bali: Life after Death … ten years on is Andrew Csabi’s account of that horrific 2002 day that he cheated death. He goes on to talk about how acceptance and new growth were built on the foundation of conquering his injuries and grief.

life after bali

An unbreakable spirit and a vow to live life to the fullest are integral to Csabi’s character, despite the memories of lives lost and the results of his injuries.

Csabi also shares his story at speaking engagements during various corporate and charity events. Guests are quick to call him ‘truly inspirational’ for the resonance of warmth he embodies while telling his story.

Andrews Csabi is a survivor, as well as a successful businessman, a motivational speaker, an ambassador for various charities, a loving father, a proud Australian and he can now add author to that impressive list.

Bom Bali: Life after Death … ten years on is available for purchase through the website, where you can also book Andrew Csabi for speaking engagements. For more information please visit him at:

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