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The Library has been a hit with our book club readers. Today we have the author Bella Osborne with us to share what’s on her desk, and tell us a bit about her workspace:

What’s on your desk?
My iMac computer and keyboard, desk lamp, biscuits, tea and coffee at varying temperatures, a lucky pebble with a hole in it, a multitude of post-it notes in all shapes and sizes and the cat.

What shouldn’t be on your desk?
The cat. Everything else is essential.

Why does this area motivate you?
It’s my little corner of the house where I can shut myself away and escape to my imaginary world which is bliss.

Are there any items of particular significance?
I’m quite fond of the cat (apart from when she walks across the keyboard and kgiyk “““ sea5u3a’o iupd 65e4gkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk)

How often do you spend in this workspace each day?

Between 5 and 7 hours Monday to Friday depending on what I’m working on. But in the interests of being open and honest this is probably an accurate time split:

  • Playing with the cat 30%
  • Watching cats on the internet 25%
  • Eating biscuits and pondering 25%
  • Playing with post-it notes 15%
  • Writing 5%

Thank you to Bella for stopping by. Browse more author desks and get inspired.

One thought on “Author Desk: Bella Osborne

  1. Loved getting to know a bit more of Bella Osborne – loved the giggle she gave me with her percentages. 🙂

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