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Today we have Dani Atkins, author of Six Days with us to share what’s on her desk, and tell us a bit about her workspace:

What’s on your desk?

In addition to the things you would expect to find (ie desktop PC, keyboard, lamp, phone etc) there is also:

A box of tissues (useful for the sad bits in my books)
A Yankee Candle – After Sledding, which reminds of Christmas.
A cup of tea – because I can’t work without refreshments.
A cat.

What shouldn’t be on your desk?

Definitely the cat. She is a Siamese called Elsa who believes every part of the house belongs to her. When the mood takes her, she will sit squarely in front of the screen, making it impossible to do any work.

Why does this area motivate you?

I call the room my ‘office’ which I hope subliminally encourages me to think that when I go there I have to actually do some work.

I prefer having a dedicated place with a proper desk and a proper chair – I think it must be the ex-secretary in me. I envy people who can write anywhere, but I get too easily distracted.

Are there any items of particular significance?

If the house was on fire, the only thing I would grab is the cat. Everything else could be replaced.

How often do you spend in this workspace each day?

Around six to seven hours a day. This makes me sound very industrious, but a great deal of that time is wasted on Facebook, Twitter, eBay and falling down internet ‘rabbit holes’.

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