The Pindar Diamond

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Author: Katie Hickman
ISBN: 978-074-759-9951
RRP: $32.99

Hickman will transport you to 17th century Venice as you are captured and carried away by the characters and twists waiting between these covers. The beginning of the book sees us meet the integral characters separately and seemingly unrelated so it takes a little bit of thinking to get everyone straight and make the connections. Once you get your head around that you will find yourself swept up in this tale that encapsulates the class system in Venice, 1604.

the pindar diamond

A tale of love, thwarted in its prime but surviving against all odds. A tale of fortunes won and lost on the luck of the draw. A tale of two totally opposite lifestyles being not so far removed from each other.

I really am at a loss this time round what to tell you. This was an entertaining and passionate story that had me from the very beginning. It does jump around a bit so will keep you guessing as to who fits in where and how it’s all going to come together.  It demonstrates that it really is quite a small world and you may be amazed at how people are connected.

Running through all of the character threads is the story of a priceless jewel, rumoured to have magical properties. It is this jewel that brings all the characters together and ties the story up. A long and interesting journey this jewel took from its home with the Sultans mother in Constantinople to a high stakes card game in the back alleys of Venice.

An enjoyable read if you’re after a little bit of history. A glimpse at the way of life in a convent, as a courtesan and as a member of the Sultans harem. A little slice of Venice 1604. Has a lot of mystery and will keep you guessing, a good way to flex your investigatory muscles. And of course, what story wouldn’t be complete without the rocky love story. So there’s something to please everyone, well written and relatively easy to read. Definitely recommend it.

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