Reading Wrap-Up for September

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Thanks to 1girl2manybooks at All The Books I Can Read for the reminder that it was time to get this post written. I had a half plan to write it last night but…. well, life happened. Actually to be honest Victoria Purman happened, I was snuggling with my youngest boy and my youngest nephew and reading when all time kind of slipped out the window. As did the reminder that I had a potato salad to cook for the AFL Grand Final BBQ I’m going to today.

So I best get it written now before I get organised and head out to watch the football. Go the Swans (only because we are going to a Swans fans for the BBQ).

Total Books I read in September: 8
8 Female authors/ 0 Male author
1  Children’s books
7 Fiction novels
4 print/ 4 digital
Books in a series: 3
5 stars on Goodreads: 3
4 stars on Goodreads: 4
Books that qualify for AWW2016: 7


So my trend of increasing the total every month came to an end with only 8 books read this month but there’s been a bit going on so I can’t really complain. School holidays have just started here in SA so I’m not sure I will do any better in October with all the kids home to entertain.
Six of this months books are book club titles, and the other 2 were digitals I snuck in while I waited for my last book club title to arrive on my desk. I look forward to hearing what our readers think and the reviews are already coming in for The Fence, Jewel Sea, The Cleanskin and Escape to the Moon Islands and overall the books have been quite enjoyed.

My favourite this month is without a doubt The Three Miss Allens, it’s a family drama with intrigue and mystery and amazing characters set right here in South Australia.

Least favourite is Jewel Sea which only got 3 Goodreads stars. This was a book that I did enjoy but it took a while to get involved and it was quite short. It’s an historical based on a true event so that’s always interesting.

Four digitals is a good sign, and I think there will be a few coming up. I have added a couple to my device and not got around to them so maybe October will be the month.


My most anticipated read for October… well I don’t actually have one at this point but there are definitely a few I am hoping to remove from the teetering TBR pile and move to the read pile.

What have you read and loved this month?

Book list with review links:
Jewel Sea
The Cleanskin
Escape to the Moon Islands
The Fence
Daughters of Castle Deverill
She’s The One
Critical Condition
The Three Miss Allens

6 thoughts on “Reading Wrap-Up for September

  1. I really enjoy reading your comments and what has been your months reading. I’m going to look out for ‘The Three Miss Allens’ sounds a great read.

    1. Thanks Gilli,
      The Three Miss Allens was an Amazing read, definitely keep an eye out for it. Official Release is November.

  2. I enjoyed reading Jewel sea….. even though it did not get a big rating, I thought that the subject chosen to write the book about being> well I wont say and spoil the story for others, but for me, it was a different type of story, and as I now have a new granddaughter, who married into the family, and that is her favourite jewel, and she wore them all through her hair, and looked wonderful, I am passing this book on to her to read. she is also a teacher so may find it a recommendation for her high school class to read and enjoy as well….I appreciate all I receive. I wonder if there will be more about Moon islands, quest of the sunfish for the children ….. I have read this one a chapter at a time to daughter.

    1. I did enjoy Jewel Sea, I liked the subject but it didn’t grab me so I didn’t LOVE it which I have done with others recently.
      Escape to Moon Islands should definitely have more in the series, not sure when they are due for release though

  3. I like reading your opinions and info on the books, you’ve actually motivated me to find more time to keep on reading, and I’m looking forward to reading more and more books. Thank you Michelle.

  4. I am only now catching up here and I felt the same with Jewel Sea. I liked it once I realised what I was reading but it’s not one of those books that I can go wowwwwwww, loved it.

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