Oracle’s Fire

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Author: Mary Victoria
ISBN: 978-0-7322-9100-6
RRP: $22.99

I am coming in at the end of a trilogy here so have missed the set up for the novel. This meant it did take me a little longer to get into the story and immerse myself in the World Tree but it didn’t impact negatively on my enjoyment of the story.

Oracle’s Fire is set in the World Tree, an entire world housing all of civilisation. The World Tree shares striking similarities with our world and at times the parallels caught me off-guard and had me thinking about that instead of concentrating on the story.

The story follows a cast of characters in a journey across the World Tree and to the depths of the tree-mines, all the way to the World Below. Our host of lead characters consists of both hero’s and villains as we follow their respective parts in the unfurling drama.

oracles fire

Being the end of the trilogy it isn’t as much about following each of the threads to see where they intertwine as their connections are quite set from the outset. It is more about following the threads to see where the come together to create a grand finale.

Tymon has just watched the love of his life thrown from the docks and been sentenced to a life of slavery in a Tree-mine. His focus is definitely not where it should be when he glimpses a vision of her  and is soon obsessed with the idea of her having survived the fall.

Jedda’s travels see her come in contact with Samiha’s testament, an epic tale that is open to interpretation; some see it as a message of hope for people everywhere of a world in which they finally find peace but Jedda reads it as a much more personal message directed at Tymon. She decides to take the testament and head out in search of Tymon.

Wick on the other hand would much prefer the testament never saw the light of day as he bows to the wishes of the Envoy.

Complete with gods, spirits and astral planes Mary Victoria has woven a tale to captivate you and elevate you to the branches of the World Tree.  At times the phrasing and the language seemed so human and earthly – until it was related to the Tree.  Whether or not it was intentional I can’t vouch for but it did keep me entertained and amused, wondering what would come next.

A knowledge of the preceding two novels would make your understanding of this novel more complete and give you the big picture on the storyline but that is not going to affect your enjoyment. This was a book that held my interest and left me wanting more – so I think I will have to go looking for the first two!

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