Claudia’s Big Break

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Author: Lisa Heidke
ISBN: 978-174-237-4918
RRP: $29.99

Lisa Heidke is back and this time she has brought us the stunning scenery of the Greek Isles; rich with vivid descriptions of sensational sunsets, sumptuous Greek culinary delights and of course the local alcoholic fare. If nothing else grabs you about this book, which would really surprise me, you will be swept away by the setting.

Who wouldn’t be thrilled with the opportunity to soak up the sun and the scenery of the Greek Isles for two weeks of rest and relaxation?

That being said, this book offers so much more than the scenery. Lisa’s characters are more than just relatable. I found myself transposing my friends over the characters brought to life within these pages. They are such everyday people that are facing big life changing decisions that we all find ourselves considering at some point.

Three very different women who have been best friends since high school find themselves on the brink of forty and feeling the distance that has grown between them due to different lifestyles. What better reason is there to get away together for two weeks of rest, relaxation and rediscovery of their friendship?

claudias big break lisa heidke

Allow me to introduce our three amazing women: Claudia – stuck in a job she only took on to help her fight an overwhelming debt, happy to go with the flow, always living in the moment and terminally unlucky in love. Currently trying to distance herself from growing feelings that were never supposed to develop for a man she was having a physical relationship with.

Tara – going crazy in a job that is suffocating her passion to write, essentially quite economical with most aspects of her life, a divorcee who is still recovering from a past relationship with a woman (the breakup of which was followed closely by her marriage to a man). In desperate need of this holiday to relax and try to reconnect with her inspiration, allowing her creativity to flow.

Sophie – married to a man who works long hours, mother to an active and imaginative 3 year old boy, still adjusting to life as a stay at home mum as opposed to a corporate lawyer. Needing a way to rediscover herself, as an entity apart from wife and mother.

These three women have been friends for half their lives, they have grown up together, and they know each other better than anyone else. It’s no surprise that they can be brutally honest with one another to an extent that wouldn’t be tolerated from anyone else. Sometimes this can walk a very fine line even in the best of friendships.

At the same time as identifying with the friendship these three women share, I am envious and wish more women could find this sort of friendship. There are many enviable aspects of this friendship that most have but it’s the way these three women share it all. They have the understanding of each other’s shortcomings that mean though they don’t understand or agree they can still show support. They have the 20yrs of shared history. And they have the deep knowledge of each other that allows them not to hold grudges or hold onto arguments, things get said in the heat of the moment but within a short time they can talk and put it behind them – and leave it there.

Stunning Santorini and two weeks of rest and relaxation, seems so simple, doesn’t it? Obviously, it didn’t turn out that way or there wouldn’t be much to keep you interested. Add Levi, the boisterous 3yr old light of Sophie’s life, an up close and personal taste of motherhood for the single, childless Claudia and Tara. Add Claudia’s run of terrible luck with injuries and close calls. Then, add the love interests.

This holiday sees a lot of soul searching, re-evaluation of life and priorities, but most importantly it sees a lot of solutions. We can all sit back and talk about what we don’t like about our lives but it takes a lot of strength and courage to analyse that information and take action to achieve the changes we need.

The inner journeys undertaken by Claudia, Tara and Sophie in this book are not only inspirational; they bring them out the other side almost unrecognisable as the women who got on the plane in Brisbane. The imagery in this book is so vivid that I could really see all of the scenes playing out, it was like being a fly on the wall.

Some of the situations Claudia found herself in, and Tara, Sophie and Levi by association, created heated arguments that would have left most friends at odds for extended periods. Not these three, within hours they had fences mended and rallied around one another closer to ensure enough support to see them all through the rough times they are facing.

Another big drawcard, I think, for this book is the fact that it is Australian. Though the majority of the book is set in the Greek Isles you are never far from a reminder that these are Aussie gals. They talk about places I’m familiar with.

‘Take our word for it. Read it. Love it. Or your money back’ is the motto on the sticker gracing the front cover of Lisa Heidke’s new novel. I thought it was a big call but I really don’t think they’ll be losing any money on this one.

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