Book Review: While It Lasts

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Author: Abbi Glines
ISBN: 978-1-4711-1754-1
RRP: $12.99

While It Lasts takes us back to Sea Breeze, albeit briefly, and this one is Cage York’s story. Cage is an unrepentant playboy in it to pick up, get off and get out. No commitment, no emotion, and no remorse. The only actual relationship he has ever had was totally platonic and with his best friend Low, who he always said he would some day make his own but once Marcus came on the scene those plans were rapidly put to rest – though we do discover in While It Lasts that even Cage knew that the chances of he and Low ever actually being together were very slim.

Cage has been done DUI and is at risk of losing his baseball scholarship but the coach bailed him out and set him up with a summer job on his brother’s farm. If he can toe the line for summer and make a good impression he will get to keep his spot on the team. His biggest problem with that is where is he going to get his neverending supply of hot girls to satisfy his urges.

This guy may be hot, and he is – super hot even, but he knows it and he uses it to his advantage which just highlights what a shallow and egotistical jerk he is. He is used to being able to talk his way out of any situation and into any pair of panties, and then being able to walk away. Being on the farm 6 days a week with no transport is going to make it difficult to walk away from any situation he gets involved in so he’s going to have to think before he acts for a change.

That’s only the beginning of the culture shocks in store for Cage. Sea Breeze is a small coastal town so there’s still a bit of the small town mentality and the not being able to get away from your past and your mistakes but it’s coastal. It’s much more laid back and quite touristy but the upbringing he has had, and that of his best friend Willow, though out of the ordinary even in Sea Breeze is basis for judgement where farmer Wilson is concerned.

while it lasts

We learn a little more about why Cage is such a player in While It Lasts and it did change my opinion of him a little, but not enough to redeem him completely.  We do see a different side of him, the side that is out for more than a couple of hours of fun, that sees beyond the body parts and recognises the whole person. He can be charming and caring but then once the protective streak is triggered it totally takes over and he is behaving like an absolute jerk again.

Much of the story was quite predictable with Cage laying eyes on Eva just moments after arriving on the farm and she is, of course, perfection on legs. As the farmers daughter she represents a huge risk to his scholarship and is completely off limits, and she takes an instant dislike to him. Of course that just makes it all the more forbidden, and exciting.

Eva is the polar opposite to Cage. She has a loving father and a stable home, she has been with one boy her entire life and he was her next door neighbour. Together since they were 5 these were best friends who did take the next step and were going to get married – until tragedy struck 18 months before While It Lasts. Popular opinion believes that it’s time for Eva to move on but she can’t see a way that could ever happen. Josh was her best friend, her other half. In a lot of ways Eva and Josh reminded me of Low and Cage, without that final step.

Cage has made some very bad decisions in his life and he has no problem admitting to that. Unfortunately he keeps making stupid decisions long after he wants to get it right, and he’s never wanted to get it right before. Part of me is left wondering if even when he thought he was trying to get it right he was trying to sabotage himself so that he couldn’t be hurt.

Another case of the Good Girl falls for the Bad Guy and after many misunderstandings the two seem to get it together. It’s very similar to Because of Low in that respect.

I enjoyed the book, it was a quick and easy read and I really felt for Eva. For one so young she has been  through a lot and is slowly coming back from a major heartbreak but she has also been quite sheltered. My problems with the book and the series are in its predictability and the recurring storyline. The totally shallow and egotistical jerks that are so prevalent irritate me in what it says about these dozens of girls who are more than happy to just be one night stands for these guys. Yes, one by one these boys are being tamed but what about the endless string of girls they’ve left behind.

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