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Eva Scott had me laughing out loud while reading While You were in the Country.

Frankie Fox has always loved the AFL, and had spent time daydreaming about marrying star player Jed Murphy. Not even his bad behaviour can tamper with her daydreams.

Venturing to Coolangatta and meeting Ant, she finds (much to her surprise) that there is a spark between them. 

After a wonderful night together, she wakes to a message urging her to dash home to the country town of Kalbar.  She leaves Ant a note and hits the road. 

On her way home her path crosses with Jed’s, and that’s when her life suddenly changes and she becomes his girlfriend.  She soon discovers that all those daydreams were not quite what the reality is.

Her heart really lies with Ant, who hasn’t been in touch since the night they spent together.  She is stunned when, without warning, Ant turns up on her doorstep. That’s when the real fun begins.

I really delight in Eva Scott’s writing. She has a way of dragging you in and making you feel that you are part of the story rather than just an observer.  This book will give you more than a few giggles and I can imagine it as a compelling TV movie.

Put this one on your summer reading list.

ISBN: 9781867230595
Copy courtesy of Harper Collins

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6 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: While You Were in the Country

  1. Thank you to Harlequin Australia and Beauty and Lace Club for my copy.

    This is my second Eva Scott novel and it was a really light, fun and entertaining read.
    You don’t have to wait long for the romance sparks to fly in this book, it happens in the first chapter.
    I prefer a slow burn if romance is in a story and didn’t expect the romance to happen so soon, but let me just say, patience is needed as things do change and keep changing in the romance part of this story.
    Set mostly in Kalbar there are rescue animals on Frankie’s farm in the form of goats and geese. Her house is also in dire need of a new roof and her ute is pretty much on its last legs. Also, there is plenty of the country community spirit and loveable characters.
    Each chapter ends with a Facebook post from the Kalbar Township Community page with bits of humor, help requests and good old gossip.
    The story also contains AFL players, drug and alcohol addiction and all the drama and social media storm surrounding AFL players and their lives.
    I really liked the two main characters, Frankie and Ant and enjoyed the way the story unfolded and introduced enough characters to keep it interesting, but not complicated.
    4 stars

  2. Once again Eva Scott, you have captured my attention from the first page of this storyline to the last. I absolutely loved this story so much that I could not put it down once I started but unfortunately, a busy week meant hard to read.

    The cover depicts the storyline perfectly as Frankie owns a farm for rescued animals and each and every animal is loved by her.

    Eva writes with so much flair and love to her storylines that you become so involved in the characters that you can almost be in the book and know them so well. I can visualise places, houses so well with just descriptions.

    You know that the main character Frankie will get hooked up with the right guy from the start but it’s the in between stories that you have to pick through to get there. My kind of love story as these little things never go the way you want in real life either.

    OMG, give me an Ant short for Antony any time. He is divine and I know in my visualisation, he is good looking too.

    The banter of Frankies’s sister Adele had me giggling a bit and it’s not hard to warm to Adele as she is the real thing and it is not two faced in any way. There are few inuendos in the book that were quite funny.

    This is one of those feel good reads which involves two brothers and one woman. The storyline did have me on the edge of my seat as I thought, yay, then it was, no, not yet.

    Love drama and romance all rolled into one storyline. It captures your attention.
    The storyline is set in an actual place in Queensland called Kalbar and sometimes before a chapter you can read the happenings and going ons in their facebook community page.

    Thoroughly enjoyed this read and I will always look forward to anymore of Eva Scott’s novels as this one is not my first from her. I do love her style of writing.

    Thank you Beauty and Lace & Harlequin Australia for the opportunity of being able to read and give my opinion on another novel.

  3. Thank you Beauty and Lace & Harlequin Australia for the opportunity to read and review While You Were In The Country by Eva Scott.

    I have read all of Eva’s books and was delighted to be chosen to read this! From the opening chapter I did nor want to put it down- once again, Eva has written a story that will reel you in hook,line and sinker. The perfect balance of humour, romance and everything else you need!

    Living in a small town myself I absolutely loved the social media posts featured in the book, they made me laugh because they are so true! Especially the “is anybody else’s NBN down”!

    Highly recommend this book! Congratulations on another amazing read Eva!

  4. I really enjoyed reading “while you were in the country “. It is a charming, small town romance that captures the heart of a community that pulls together to support and care for each other.
    I know the area that is written about in the book and the picturesque description captures the area well.
    The characters were believable and flawed, but Eva Scott wrote them in a way that the reader cared about what each was going through.
    A light-hearted read, I would recommend this book to others.

  5. Thank you for the copy of While You Were in the Country by Eva Scott.

    I have seen the movie While You Were Sleeping so thought I knew the basic premise of this book, but this book was more, mainly due to the characters.

    It is the story of Frankie Fox who finds herself in the crazy situation of pretending to date her AFL crush, after being ghosted by his brother who she has feelings for. Frankie has a non disclosure clause in her pretend dating and can’t tell anyone she knows much at all. Frankie is very much a real person who could be any one of us, which I enjoyed. She has a really supportive sister Adele and there are supportive members of Frankie’s community who all enhance the book and almost have me wanting to move to the country.

    I would recommend this book for lovers of rural romance, and especially AFL followers.

  6. While you were in the Country is another fantastic read by Eva Scott.
    A light-hearted romance with an interesting twist, I thoroughly enjoyed the characters, they were quirky but also real and relatable.
    Thank you Harlequin and Beauty and Lace for the chance to read and review

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