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Author: Dervla McTiernan
ISBN: 9781460754221
RRP: $32.99
Publication Date: 18 February 2019
Publisher: Harper Collins
Copy: Courtesy of the Publisher

Dervla McTiernan is an author who jumped straight to the watch list of many readers I know after they loved The Ruin, which is still clamouring for attention from my towering TBR pile.

Synopsis from the Publisher’s website:

When Dr Emma Sweeney stumbles across the victim of a hit and run outside Galway University late one evening, she calls her partner, Detective Cormac Reilly, bringing him first to the scene of a murder that would otherwise never have been assigned to him.

A security card in the dead woman’s pocket identifies her as Carline Darcy, a gifted student and heir apparent to Irish pharmaceutical giant Darcy Therapeutics. The multi-billion-dollar company, founded by her grandfather, has a finger in every pie, from sponsoring university research facilities to funding political parties to philanthropy – it has funded Emma’s own ground-breaking research. The enquiry into Carline’s death promises to be high profile and high pressure.

As Cormac investigates, evidence mounts that the death is linked to a Darcy laboratory and, increasingly, to Emma herself. Cormac is sure she couldn’t be involved, but as his running of the case comes under scrutiny from the department and his colleagues, he is forced to question his own objectivity. Could his loyalty to Emma have led him to overlook evidence? Has it made him a liability?

I really look forward to reading both of the books by Dervla McTiernan but in the meantime I can’t wait to hear what our members thought.

Dervla McTiernan can be found on Facebook, Twitter and her Website.

The Scholar is published by Harper Collins and is available now where all good books are sold.

Thanks to Harper Collins 15 of our Beauty and Lace Club members will be reading The Scholar so please be aware there may be spoilers in the comments below.

14 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: The Scholar

  1. Thankyou Beautyandlace and HarperCollins for the opportunity to review ‘The Scholar’ by Dervla McTiernan.
    In Ireland 2014 the body of a young woman is found believed to have been a hit and run victim. The body is discovered outside Darcy Therapeutics a wealthy pharmaceutical company.
    The detective assigned to investigating the case is Cormac Reilly whose partner is Dr Emma Sweeney who is employed by Darcy Therapeutics. Emma is also the person who discovers the body.
    Initially the victim is suspected to be Carline Darcy a granddaughter of John Darcy the Company’s founder.
    Carline is gifted but all but ignored by her grandfather because of her parentage. Her father having been killed in an avalanche accident and her mother a model/escort.
    ‘The Scholar’ is fast paced, interesting and enjoyable.
    I found it a little difficult to get into at first, the characters are complex each with their own story, I’m sure if I had read Dervla’s first book ‘The Ruin’ I would have had no problem. I look forward now to another book as a sequel to this one.

  2. I was super excited to receive this book club novel. I read McTiernan’s first novel ‘The Ruin’ and anticipated the second book to be just as good. ‘The Scholar’ features the main Detective Cormac Reilly and his partner Emma with a new case to follow.

    Emma is working in a laboratory at Galway university, Ireland. It appears she is in the wrong place at the wrong time and an investigation is launched into a death at the university. Reilly’s connection with the case becomes complicated. They both must trust and hope the outcome doesn’t encumber their involvement.

    While there are some references to the past, I feel this book could be read as a standalone. It looks like the possibility of more Cormac Reilly cases could follow!

    I did find the pace a little slow and sometimes a bit confusing as there seemed to be more than one plot running. Towards the end the case picks up and the story becomes more compelling and suspenseful.

    I wish to thank Beauty and Lace Book Club and HarperCollins Publishing for the reading and reviewing opportunity, I am more then happy to recommend.

  3. Thank you to Beauty and Lace for allowing me to review “The Scholar” by Dervla McTiernan.

    Upon leaving the Lab at the University on night where she worked, Dr Emma Sweeney comes across the dead, brutally murdered body. She immediately calls her partner, Detective Cormac Reilly who attends the scene to work out what has happened.

    The body is found with no ID other than an ID Card belonging to Carline Darcy, the granddaughter and heir to the multi billion dollar Darcy Pharmaceutical owned, John Darcy. As pressure mounts regarding the apparent death of the high profile Carline Darcy it is soon realised that in fact it is someone else they have found, another up and coming gifted student, Della Lambert.

    As more and more evidence comes in against Reilly’s partner Emma, he begins to question things and feels he is missing important information. He is eventually taken off the case. Although when things take a turn, he is brought back in to help solve the case.

    This is a book that keeps your guessing the entire way through, is definitely a page turner. It was however a uncorrected copy that I received and there were some mistakes throughout the book but easy enough to know what was meant to be said. I had not read the first book The Ruin and was worried at first how I would go reading The Scholar. I found it was very easy to read, only a few things referring back to The Ruin but nothing that threw you off course.

  4. The Scholar by Dervla McTiernan

    Ireland, 2014. Researcher Dr Emma Sweeney is arriving at her University laboratory late one night and discovers a hit and run victim in the car park. Very shaken up, she calls her partner Dectective Cormac Reilly, who arrives to find the dead girl badly disfigured and with no ID except a swipe card to access the lab.

    This identifies the girl as Carline Darcy. She is a gifted student at the University, and a granddaughter to the founder of Darcy Pharmaceuticals, who sponsor research at the Uni. Cormac realises that this investigation will be a high profile case, creating a lot of media attention. He also knows that he should not be involved – it is his girlfriend who found the body, which means he has a conflict of interest.

    Emma has been through so much that Cormac wants to protect her, make sure she is safe. He is sure that Emma couldn’t be involved, her car shows no signs of damage.

    But as the case progresses and discoveries are made, the University research, Darcy Pharmaceuticals, and Emma’s own job could all be linked to why the girl was killed in the Lab’s car park. Darcy Pharmaceuticals are funding Emma’s research. Why was Emma arriving there at 11pm? Was she meeting someone? Was it the dead girl?

    Cormac is sure she couldn’t be involved. Could she?

    This is a great detective story which I really enjoyed. It is McTiernan’s 2nd novel featuring Dective Cormac Reilly so I will be sure to now read the first one, The Ruin.
    Thank you to Beauty & Lace Book Club, and to HarperCollins Books for the chance to read this, and discover another great writer.

  5. Thankyou for selecting me to read The Scholar written by Dervla McTiernan
    This book is a extremely well written who done it, had me guessing right to the end of the book,
    Was an interesting story with some very unexpected twists and turns cover ups and corruption
    From the prologue to the last chapter readers will have a hard time putting this book down
    Dr emma Sweeney comes across a hit run victim she calls her partner Cormac Reilly who is a detective
    The victim is thought to be Carline Darcy the granddaughter of John Darcy who is the owner of Darcy Pharmaceuticals this is where this book gets really interesting ( no spoilers from me )
    Was a easy book to read and follow as The Ruin was the first book with the characters Emma and Cormac.

  6. Thanks Beauty and Lace for the chance to read another fantastic and engaging novel.
    Dervla McTiernan has written another fabulous book.
    I enjoyed it immensely. Emma and Cormac make great characters with a strong connection, back story and endurance and survival.
    ‘The Scholar’ delves into the worlds of medical science, investigation and the connections we make with family, friends, partners and work. It draws directly on individual desires and what lengths people go to to achieve them as well as protect mistakes or untruths which have been used along the way.
    Solving cases is Cormac’s duty, regardless of the people involved and the status they have within society.
    He follows leads, treads on many toes along the way, including those of his girlfriend Emma whom has a frightening bsckground which haunt her life and makes finding the body of a young girl near her workplace that much more traumatic.
    The story line is compelling, engaging and fast paced. The story is an easy read and I enjoyed and devoured it cover to cover.

  7. I had never heard of this book nor the author – I chose it based on the story-line – a young girl undertaking her PhD. I have been there done that but thankfully my story was a little different! Since receiving the book my social media has been flooded with the book and the author and I wish I had discovered her sooner. Having not read her first novel I thought I might be behind the eight ball on a few things but it didn’t appear that way. I will be adding ‘The Ruin’ to my TBR list.

    The story begins when Dr Emma Sweeney discovers the body of a female – victim of a hit and run accident. It is thought to be Carline Darcy, a gifted PhD student who is the granddaughter of pharmaceutical giant Darcy Therapeutics. Who did this and why? Detective Cormac Reilly, partner of Dr Sweeney, begins to investigate and what unfolds is a page-turning mystery.

    McTiernan did a great job in portraying the research life. I feel that anyone who is Irish would also appreciate some of the Irish terminology. It was an easy read and while I predicted some parts it also had a few surprises! I felt one small story within the book was left unfinished but perhaps that’s the sign of a third book?

    Thanks to Beauty and Lace and HarperCollins for the opportunity to read and review this book.

  8. The Scholar was an interesting book,
    I really enjoyed the Science side of it.
    Being an Uncorrected Advance Reading Copy,
    there were a couple of mistakes but it was easy to understand.
    A good Crime Thriller by an Author I hadn’t previously read
    but have heard her former book, The Ruin, was brilliant.
    Thanks to Beauty and Lace, and Harper Collins for the copy of this book to read and review.

  9. Thank you Beauty and Lace and Harper Collins for the opportunity to reas “The Scholar” by Dervla McTiernan. I had read and enjoyed “The Ruin” in which the author introduced Detective Cormac Rielly and his partner, Emma.
    The Scholar is set in Galway Ireland. The story is centered around a very rich family who have a research centre at Galway University.
    There are many twists and turns in this crime story. Early on I was sure I ‘knew’ what had happened, but I was very wrong. Cormac and Emma are both cast under suspicion and for a short while Cormac wonders if Emma could be involved..
    There are many characters in this story. At first I found it slow going and unsure of who was who. There are sub plots. All this makes for a more interesting book. But, I don’t think it is up to the standard set by “the Ruin”
    However it stands alone and you don’t need to have read the first book to follow the story. It is a worthwhile read that will have you wondering right until the end as to who the culprit is.

  10. First, thanks to Beauty and Lace for giving me the opportunity to review this book.
    I loved this book, I enjoyed the twist and turns, the many characters and the thrill of working it all out in my head.
    It is yet another great write by Dervla McTiernan and the crime novels. Keep them coming and congratulations.

  11. I have not yet read Dervla McTiernan’s first book, The Ruin, but after reading The Scholar I am certainly hoping to read it soon. The story in the The Scholar follows on from events in the first book, but I enjoyed reading this book as a standalone. I found it very written, with lots of plot twists keeping me intrigued – some of them I had worked out, and some of them I hadn’t! It was certainly a page-turner.

    Thank you to Beauty and Lace and Harper Collins for the opportunity to read this book.

  12. Thank you for the opportunity to read and review The Scholar, by Dervla McTiernan. Immediately prior to reading this book, I read the author’s debut novel, The Ruin, which was absolutely wonderful. Thus, I was left me with high expectations of The Scholar, and I definitely wasn’t disappointed.

    The Scholar once again centres around DS Cormac Reilly, to whom readers were introduced in The Ruin. When Cormac’s partner, Emma, finds the body of a young woman on the university campus where she works, Cormac finds himself involved in a high-stakes murder investigation, with both his career and his personal life on the line. Dervla McTiernan has an excellent ability to construct characters with depth, and I enjoyed this aspect of the book as much as I enjoyed following the twists and turns of the plot. The Scholar, like The Ruin, is a page-turner and, while I predicted one aspect of the plot, there were many more aspects that I didn’t predict. I’ve recently learnt that there will be a third book in this series and I’m now anxiously awaiting its arrival!

  13. The Scholar follows on from The Ruin, a book that I really, really enjoyed. And I enjoyed The Scholar just as much. I found myself falling deep into the story, and putting myself into each character’s shoes. There were plenty of twists and turns, and enough characters to love and hate. Each character is completely unique, and I constantly found myself wondering what would happen next. I really enjoyed this book, and I’m looking forward to Dervla’s next book!

  14. Dervla McTiernan,
    I loved loved loved The Scholar .
    This book had many twists and turns and unexpected incidents.
    I loved the characters in the book and the story that you were telling.
    This was a light hearted crime story without gorry explanations.
    I now know why many of my friends enjoyed reading The Ruin.
    Going to buy that book tomorrow.
    Keep up the awesome story telling. Looking forward to reading your next book.
    This is a great story line for a film.
    Congratulations on another successful hit.

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