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Author: Heather Rose
ISBN: 9781760875169
Copy courtesy of the publisher

Thank you to Beauty and Lace and Allen & Unwin for the opportunity to read Bruny by Heather Rose.

Astrid Coleman left Tasmania as teenager 30 years earlier. She made her  life in the US. Her job as a UN trouble shooter takes her to places all around the world.  Her home, her children, and her ex husband all live in New York. Her remaining ties to Tasmania are family and a holiday cottage she has retained on Bruny Island.

In Tasmania a 6 lane, very expensive  bridge is being built to link mainland Tasmania with quiet, unspoilt Bruny Island. The Federal Government is funding this bridge. A  bomb goes off, not totally destroying the bridge, but doing enough damage to delay the opening date.

Astrid’s brother JC is the Premier of Tasmania. Her sister Max is the deputy leader of the Opposition, the Labor Party. Her mother has cancer. Her Father has had a series of strokes and now only communicates by quoting Shakespeare.

JC phones Astrid. He has a war on his hands about progress. There is an election coming up and he needs a conflict resolution specialist fast! Astrid returns to Tasmania for the job. There are complications with her strange family political connections and her  reconnection with her parents and family.

There are many groups opposing the building of the bridge. Astrid  has to manage the protesters, the Australian workers and the Chinese workers brought in to get the job finished on time. Who would have blown up the bridge? Would the protest groups have the money or connections to carry out the bombing? Is the Government responsible and if so which Government ?

Astrid digs deep into all the conspiracy theories! I loved the book. It is fast moving, action, mystery, romance and family reconnections. It is a book that makes you think!

The question is, could these conspiracies happen in Australia, and more to the point are they already happening!??

5 Stars!

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9 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Bruny

  1. An intriguing story about family, loyalty, government plans and manipulations, love and wonder.
    A fantastic story focusing on Astrid Coleman and her sudden return to her home land Tasmania to assist her brother and perhaps her sister. Many times you get to wonder how the story will unfold and who will appear on the scene next.
    The Bruny bridge is bombed with severe damage and must be rebuilt in record time. Local hesitation is simmering as sides split in favour of and those not. The Chinese are very heavily involved in business with the government. How involved and what happens!!! Does family come ahead of future plans for Tasmania and Bruny?
    I aim not to give anything away in my review as I feel this is a must read. Read how manipulation, money and family intertwine and where it can end.

    Heather Rose has written a fabulous novel to capture all genres.

  2. Thanks for selecting me to read Bruny

    I really enjoyed this book totally different from the last Heather Rose book I read

    Astrid is a UN diplomat she flies home to Tasmania from New York her family live in Tasmania the family are involved in politics, Astrid is summoned home, when the Bruny bridge is bombed ( no spoilers )
    The Chinese are involved but no one realises to what extent
    Quite a lot going on in this book but I am not going to give away any spoilers great book 10 out of 10 a real page turner

  3. I jumped at the chance to read another book by Heather Rose, and it hasn’t disappointed – while being totally different from her well-known award winning book ‘The Museum of Modern Love’. The Prologue is a doozy, where a bomb partly destroys the two billion dollar, six-lane bridge being built from Tasmania’s mainland to Bruny Island. Tasmania’s Premier JC calls in his sister Astrid Coleman, a UN trouble-shooter, to help with the fall-out. Not everyone is keen on the massive bridge construction, which seems like overkill, especially the quiet residents of Bruny Island. JC’s facing an imminent election. He needs to get people onside asap, hence calling in help. Astrid is cool, methodical and knows how to play the political game. She’s been in enough international hot spots to know what works and how the power plays may fall. Her character is fascinating, actually, although her work in Chapter One is enough to chill anyone’s bones and wonder how people can see some atrocities and survive mentally intact. Figuring out who bombed the bridge and working to help her brother should be child’s play for her. Turns out, it isn’t. The whole bridge thing is far more complicated than anyone could imagine, including Astrid. The politics and economy is sensitive and potentially highly explosive. International governments are involved, some extremely heavily, and some with far more sinister intent than the people of Tasmania – and Australia – realise. The behind-the-scenes scramble for power is amazing. This is a fascinating look at life, family, home, love, international and domestic politics, and ultimately, the preservation of Tasmania as a peaceful and beautiful island state of Australia. In her acknowledgements Heather Rose has written: ‘My island home of Tasmania – and the brilliant community I live amongst – I wrote this for you.’ Her love of Tassie absolutely shines through. A complex and unexpected book; fabulous reading!
    Thanks to Beauty & Lace and Allen & Unwin Australia for the review copy.

  4. Power, money, politics and family all merge together to make this book a page turner.
    Are there conspiracies?
    Could this really happen in Australia?
    Who do we really trust?
    How much do the general public really know?
    These are all questions you’ll be asking yourself as you read this enthralling novel.
    For those that like a bit of everything this book is for you.

  5. What an amazing novel! Definitely one to recommend.

    Full of intrigue, power plays and a sprinkling of conspiracy it was hard to put down. The story developed well and the details really added to it’s complexity.

    It’s made me think a lot about politicians, and what is (and isn’t) shared with those who elected them in.

    I really enjoyed the character development and interaction, as well as the way the isolation and beauty that is Tasmania was depicted.

    It’s a real page turner and worthy of all the awards I’m sure it will win.

  6. Thank you Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to read Bruny by Heather Rose.

    This is a story that is set in Tasmania about family, secrets, betrayal and love.

    Although it was about politics I found it very interesting.

    The story revolves around a sister and brother on opposite sides of the political party.
    Their other sister Astrid is a conflict resolution specialist that lives in New York and is called back to help her brother when the Bruny bridge is blown up by terrorists. But he’s not the only one who wants her there to keep an eye on things.

    Can Astrid find out who blew the bridge up and keep peace while it’s being rebuilt?

    I loved the character of Astrid, she was tough, real and she stopped at nothing to find the truth even if family isn’t what it seems.

    It also left me thinking, could this really happen in Australia?


  7. Thanks Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to read Bruny by Heather Rose.
    To be honest this is not the genre of books I typically go for but I really did enjoy it. The storyline is quite complex and I wondered how it was all going t9 tie together and boy did it all come together in the end!

    Astrid Coleman is a troubleshooter that works for the UN and has returned to her homeland Tasmania to help her brother unravel the mystery of who was responsible for bombing the Bruny bridge.

    I enjoyed the complex mix of family dynamics, sibling relationships, a new love interest, political agendas and government conspiracy theories all rolled in one story!

    It really did keep me guessing until the very end, who could Astrid trust when they each have their own agendas?
    A thrilling book that really made me think how much is fact and what is fiction and if this scenario could actually happen in Australia!

  8. Thank you Beauty & Lace for the opportunity to read Bruny by Heather Rose. A brilliant read, love a good thriller, love the twist & turns. Will most certainly look at reading more from Heather Rose.

  9. I absolutely adored Heather Rose’s Bruny, a fantastic gripping read. It is set in an absolutely beautiful and unique part of the world which I had the good fortune of living near a few years ago. It is packed with a good dose of politics, money, power, family secrets and many fabulous twists and turns. It was fascinating to watch Astrid navigate between siblings and I simultaneously couldn’t wait to see what would unfold and didn’t want it to finish!

    I would highly recommend this book, a perfect Christmas present! Thanks so much to Beauty and Lace and Allen and Unwin for this cracking read. Now I’m off to track down Museum of Modern Love, which has been on my to-read list for a long time and is now right at the top!

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