A Blue Bloods Novella: Bloody Valentine

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Author: Melissa de la Cruz
ISBN: 978-190-741-0208
RRP: $16.99

This novella is the latest addition to the Blue Bloods series and quite a nice morning snack. At 147 pages it is perfect to tell its story and wet the appetite while we await the next full length Blue Bloods novel and the off shoot series that are scheduled for upcoming release.

Bloody Valentine is a story of romance, littered with battle and violence as is becoming the Blue Blood way. It tells us a little more of the story behind Schuyler’s coming to be, though raising more questions than it answers. We get to see a little of Allegra’s adolescence and a peek into her romance with Schuyler’s father.

The main focus of Bloody Valentine is the bonding of Jack and Schuyler, against all Blue Blood tradition. Of course, this isn’t a journey that runs smoothly. Jack and Schuyler’s bonding is certainly one that is made against all odds.

Jack has always seemed to be inherently good and I picture him with clean cut good looks so it is easy to forget that he began his existence as an Angel of Dark. In Bloody Valentine we get to see his darker side, if only for a few moments.

bloody valentine

Events of the more distant past get a passing mention but not enough for a proper description; they are events we have learnt more about in previous Blue Bloods books. Their mention here is more as an explanation for the way things have become between Allegra and her bond mate Charles.

The novella opens with Oliver, despairing over his loss of Schuyler. We see the depths of his despair and his resolution to do something about it. Not the smartest resolution he has ever made, and luckily one that he manages to change at the crucial moment. We are treated to the unusual way that he is cured of his heartbreak, and consequently of the ‘mark’ on his blood left by his relationship with Schuyler.

Bliss also makes a surprise visit, now human, and taking time out from her hunt for the Hellhounds. Hers is a small part in this story, with little mention of her personal journey which will be chronicled in another series due for release next year.

Bloody Valentine is the perfect length for a lazy morning snack. A tempting offering to keep your interest in the Blue Bloods and tide you over while awaiting the next installment, which hopefully won’t be too long because I am eagerly anticipating what will happen next.

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