Author Interview: Emily Madden

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Emily Madden, author of The Buchanan Girls took some time out to have a chat with Beauty and Lace.

Get to know the author behind the book in the following interview:

Tell us a little about yourself…

I’m a writer of dual timeline historical fiction, a coffee lover and wine aficionado. I love to be by water, but not in water… yes, that is a little odd!

If you could invite any three people for dinner, whom would you invite?

Interesting question! I would love my beautiful late aunt Lu who is the reason I love books so much. Scott Eastwood (because, hello!) and if I have Scott there, then I’ll have to invite Rachael Johns, otherwise she’ll never speak to me again.

We both developed an appreciation for Scott Eastwood when we were travelling to New York years ago and watched one of his movies on the plane trip over.

Name an underappreciated novel that you love.

Every book written by Aussie authors. We have such a wealth of talent right here at home, The Cowgirl by Anthea Hodgson.

What is your favourite and least favourite part of publishing?

I love the part when the book is finally out in the world, and you can see that tiny seed of an idea is now a real live book! Funny enough it’s also the part that fills me with dread!

I also really love turning a book in after a final edit, there’s something about that part that fills me with excitement, that the next time I see the book, it’ll be when it’s ready for print.

What do you need in your writing space to help you stay focused?

Coffee! I used to be able to write with noise, but lately I need quiet or even some jazz music.

Who is your favourite author?

Always a hard question to answer. I actually don’t have one favourite author, but I do have a favourite book. Looking for Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta is my time favourite book that has stayed with me for years and years after I first read it in my teens.

What are you currently reading?

I’ve just finished The Paper Palace by Miranda Cowley Heller. Brilliant read.

Where can our readers follow you?

I love hearing from readers! You can find me mostly on Instagram, but I am also on Facebook and Twitter.

What is next for Emily Madden?

I’m writing (albeit) slowly my next novel – this time shifting to the Vietnam War, Last Vegas and Karratha. COVID means I can’t do research trips so lots of reading and desk research is being conducted.

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