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Savannah’s Secret by Australian author Mandy Magro is a truly lovely and heart-warming romantic saga filled with suspense and mystery.

Savannah Garret is in witness protection after testifying at her best friend’s murder trial against Jimmy Biloti, although he is currently convicted and imprisoned.

Savannah feels vulnerable and is concerned of threats and intimidation against her life. Detectives issue her with a new identity and place her in Blackwater, a small country town in Queensland.

Savannah is a city girl through and through and when she steps off the bus, she finds herself in a barren place that she will have to call home. She reports to the local pub where she is to become the new barmaid and meets the owner Jacko and his daughter Jessie.

Although she is still mourning the loss of her friend, her grief is subdued as she settles into her new life and finds comfort getting to know the locals. Her biggest obstacle is not being able to tell anyone her identity and being able to reveal to anyone about her past.

Ash Sullivan is the local chopper musterer, he owns his own property called Silverton Station and runs his own business which has succeeded financially putting him at comfort. The only thing missing is someone to share it with but after bad past experiences he is reluctant to put trust in anyone.

When Savannah meets Ash there is an instant attraction and a friendship forms. As time goes by, she finds the pub accommodation lacking in space and amenities, Ash offers her a place to stay in his cottage at Silverton Station. When their friendship takes a different turn, they navigate through their differences and past haunts to reach common ground together and Savannah’s secret is unveiled. There are tensions and contradictory emotions that pull on the heartstrings.

Savannah and Ash are likeable and multi-layered characters. I appreciated how the author made this relationship realistic. She didn’t rush these two into something, but slowly drew them together in a way that made sense. I adored their connection, the easy repertoire between them, their chemistry and flirty back and forth.

This book is perfect for anyone loving a great romance with suspense, it contains wonderful skillful writing and great plot development, strong connections, beautiful landscapes, and the best kind of supporting cast, including a pig! The suspense was just the right amount to add an edge to the plot.

Thank you to Beauty and Lace and HarperCollins Publishers AU for the opportunity to read and review.

Author: Mandy Magro
ISBN: 9781489298836
Copy courtesy of HarperCollins Publishers AU

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14 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Savannah’s Secret

  1. A really huge thanks to BeautyandLace and HarperCollins and Mandy Magro for the great opportunity to read this beautiful book that is set Australia keep coming up with more books Mandy Magro as I have all of your books

  2. I really enjoyed reading this novel by Mandy Mangro. It is a great romance novel set in the Australian outback. The characters were easy to like, the story had enough twists and turns to keep you interested. It is an easy, nice holiday read.

  3. Savannah’s Secret took a littlewhile to arrive from the publishers but it didn’t disappoint when it got here!
    A horrible event leads to many twists and turns and romance in outback Australia. I found the story did lull in parts, but not enough to make me not want to keep reading! I hope to read more of Mandy Magros’ books as I did enjoy this one!

  4. Sorry for the incredibly late reviewing! I started reading right before the madness of Christmas set in and forgot to post my review!
    I absolutely love Mandy Magro books and Savannah’s Secret did not disappoint! The characters were believable, relatable and interesting. If you’re in to romance this is certainly one to pick up. It follows the usual flow romance novels tend to take but not in a boring way, the book contains a few twists. Easily 5/5 stars!

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