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The next addition to our desk corner is Tee Morris, one of the authors of the spectacular Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences steampunk series. The first of which was Pheonix Rising and the next one which I just discovered is coming very soon…. Oh please book fairies, please.

Except, I digress – the second one is The Janus Affair and due for publication on May 29th.

Tee’s is a desk I was expecting to be a little different to the ones we have seen to date, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. So come wander into the corner and let’s have a look at Tee’s desk.


What is on your desk?

While it may seem there is very little on my desk at present. You see before you…
  1. Plans/scripts for a book trailer.
  2. Two audiobooks in production.
  3. Future promotions for The Janus Affair: A Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences Novel
  4. Skeletons/Research for a steampunk novella, a “Nerfpunk” (yes, you read that right…) podcast, and By Dawn’s Early Light: A Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences Novel
  5. Reminders concerning three podcasts in production. (Fit 2 Write, The Shared Desk, and Tales form the Archives: Volume 2)
  6. Research and correspondences from my day job (iPad and laptop set-up)
All of these projects are present, and so now you know why I have a desk that could double as a flight simulator. That non-descript file in the lower corner is a variety of personal matters (bills, correspondences, etc.) that I have to get to. Eventually.
What shouldn’t be on your desk?
If it shouldn’t be on my desk, it isn’t there. This is my “zone” and I have to make the stories (be they in audio or print) happen.
If you look to the far-left monitor, you should recognize TweetDeck. Facebook is in there, too. they are part of my day job (more on that to come), but they can also be the Devil’s Distractions, and sometimes have been known to slow me down when I am focused on my word count.

Why does this area motivate you?

Yes, three monitors can be a little intimidating (although my setup pales in comparison to set-up’s like one friend’s) but these monitors serve as my own gateway to the world. These gateways allow me to multitask and hit a rhythm in my creative process. Additionally, what you don’t see in those monitors is iTunes, and behind the monitors are my speakers. Let there be music.
I can write in the “near-quiet” but I’m a recovering musician, always wanting some kind of aural stimulation be it Beethoven, Marsalis, or Sinatra. So this is my studio (while the man-cave is outside where the xBox and home theatre constantly call to me) and this where it all happens for me. Sure, I can work portable, but something about having my music out in the open, hopping from screen to screen, and hitting a flow from Chrome to Scrivener keeps the word count climbing.
Are there any items of particular significance?

Two things, one personal and another I apparently am known for in podcasting…
If you look to the left corner, there is a desk bell. The bell, which I whole-heartedly give credit to afternoon talk radio hosts Don Geronimo & Mike O’Merha and to the podcasting crew of Geek Radio Daily, is my “plug bell” and when I am on podcasts, I usually hit that bell when plugging websites. So when you hear me in podcasts and you hear that *ding* it’s coming from there.
Just behind the bell is a box that my first “Kia Kaha” tie came in. Now, in that box are ticket stubs, room keys, and a variety of mementos from my travels alongside my wife and writing partner, Pip Ballantine. Even if Pip isn’t around or in my studio when recording or writing, a piece of her is there. It’s good to know my Muse isn’t too far away.
Yes, I’m a bit of a romantic sap that way.

How often do you spend in this workspace each day?

This is, perhaps, the main reason my desk looks so clean right now. A week ago from writing this I started a new position with the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation, serving as their Web Content and Social Media Manager. One of the perks of working with this foundation (apart from its cause) is their flexibility in allowing me to work from home. Where the iPad and laptop reside is where Pip usually works when she’s in the studio with me; but during the day, that is where I remain contacted with the Meso Foundation. Along with a full-on workflow, this means I have to work even harder to make my office clean. I spend close on eight to twelve hours (with breaks for lunch and any pressing matters, of course), and it is very easy to get lost here, glance at the clock, and think “What? It’s time to get the kid to TaeKwonDo already?” So with all the time I spend in here and with the demands of productivity on me, I have to make sure I have things tidy and in order.
I think that’s a nice trait of my office: My days never drag by. I love coming in here, whether it is for my day job, my writing, or my podcasting (which is, in fact, my day job), and creating new worlds.
Keeping it clean? Yeah…that’s going to be a challenge….

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