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Wish You Were Here by Karly Lane is certainly a book to add to your TBR pile. 

The story is set in the New England Tablelands. It’s all about Reggie, who tossed aside her job in the UK, to return to her childhood home after her parents were involved in a bad traffic accident. 

She soon makes the move a more permanent thing when her brother becomes sick and passes away.  No matter what, she can’t seem to get it through to her parents that she is happy living and working on the farm, and that she no longer wishes to return to her old job. 

She is happy running things and looking after the farm stay cabins that they have up and running. All but the one last cabin that her brother had not finished when he became sick. It remains unfinished until an emotionally wounded veteran named Tim comes to stay, and he ends up offering to use his builder’s skills to complete the last farm stay cabin.

While Tim works his way into Reggie’s heart, Reggie is working her way into his.

This is not a sloppy romance filled with angst.  It is so very real and there is some drama with wild dogs and missing cattle thrown into the mix. There were so many parts where I found myself giggling out loud, and then having to read funny sections to a friend so they could understand what I was laughing about.

There is sadness but the real focus of this book is on the healing and the joy of life.

A seriously wonderful book and perfect if you are looking for something to make you smile and touch your heart.

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9 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Wish You Were Here

  1. Thanks to Beauty and Lace and Allen & Unwin for my copy of Wish You Were Here.
    A wonderful rural romance that was impossible to put own – it was both heartwarming and left me with a satisfied smile on my face and the reminder that wounds can heal no matter how deep they run.
    Bought up in the New England Tablelands on a cattle property, Reggie Macleod heads for the city, working her dream job she believes everything in her life is going as she planned. A phone call from her brother has Reggie’s world crashing down around her. Her parents have been seriously injured in a car accident and she’s needed to go home to help her brother run their newly farm stay business. What is only meant to be a couple of months at most soon becomes 3 years.
    Enter guest Tim Warbois who checks into a cabin who ends up extending his booking several times. Tim discovers new hope and a new purpose for his life during his stay.
    Can Reggie and Tim manage to overcome and heal from the deep wounds of their past and find a new future together. They are definitely a couple to root for!

  2. Another fabulous story from Karly depicting a rural property. I have read so many of her books and everyone one is just as good as the last one but this one, wow, I loved it from the beginning to the end. I couldn’t put it down but then I didn’t want to finish it too quick, I just wanted to saviour every page.

    From the first chapter and reading the story of the MacLeods you can’t help but tear up. The main characters of Reggie MacLeod and her parents Ray & Peggy you warm to straight away. They run a cattle property and due to an unforseen accident Reggie comes home from her job in the UK to come back and live with them.

    Her parents are thinking of selling the property as they think Karly doesn’t want the burden of running or even interested in the place whereas Reggie really wants to live there and make it all work.

    From the start, Karly’s writing captures your attention immediately to the whole storyline and brings in other characters into the mix as well. Some you will dislike with a vengeance and others you will love immediately.

    Of course there has to be romance and the character of Tim will make your heart swarm. He has a background and is very quiet at first but as you get to know him, everything makes sense.

    There are parts in the book where the bantering makes you giggle which is a good feeling when reading. For me as I was reading I could actually visualise this as a movie, I can see the property, see the scenery and also put faces to the names.

    This book has romance, suspense and is very entertaining with all the characters. I think I have also learnt a bit more when it comes to cattle as well.

    This book is definitely another fantastic read that I would highly recommend for any book lovers out there. Thanks to Beauty & Lace and Allen & Unwin for giving me this book to read. Absolutely loved the book.

    To Karly Lane as always you have created another astounding storyline and the cover is just beautiful. I will always look forward to reading any future books from you.

  3. Thank you for my copy of Wish You Were Here by Karly Lane.

    This is the story of Reggie MacLeod who is helping run River Styx after her parent’s accident while her brother Brent is starting up a farm stay on the property.

    Fast forward a few more years and there has been more bad news for the family and Reggie is busier than ever. Then Tim Warbois comes to stay and he is battling his own demons. He is ex-Army and it has taken its toll.

    I love the way this story comes together and that things aren’t always sweet. There were fun moments, funny moments, sadness and healing. It is a great story of what we all can deal with and the power and family and connections. There was also a nice amount of country life descriptions and stories. I thoroughly recommend this book.

  4. I am mainly a thriller reader so love putting some romance/country romance into my lines up and Karly Lane never disappoints.
    Reggie returns to her childhood farm after her parents are in a horrific accident…..further heartache continues and before she knows it she is running the farm, but also discovers this is actually where she wants to be. Enter Tim, who books to stay in the farms cottage and the romance begins!
    There were some sad themes throughout the book and the main characters, Reggie and Tim have alot of loss to deal with.
    Reggie was a fabulous character full of strength, and Tim comes into her life equally broken. Together they help each other through their grief,, I was routing for them the whole way through.

  5. Thank you Beauty & Lace and Allen & Unwin for the opportunity to read and review Wish You Were Here by Karly Lane.

    Karly Lane is one of my absolute favourite authors so I was very excited to start Wish You Were Here. From the very first chapter I was hooked and did not want to put it down, or for it to end.

    I found that I felt like I was part of the story. I laughed and cried with the characters (and got frustrated too!)

    Another excellent read Karly, your books are always so well researched and leave the reader wanting more. Highly recommend!

  6. This is an excellent rural romance by Karly Lane, it was my first time reading her book and I think I am hooked.
    I loved the simplicity of this book and how each character connects with each other.

    From the very beginning, the story kept me occupied and I didn’t want to finish it quickly so I can kept on reading this book.
    This book made me experience all the emotions like I was living inside the book and experiencing everything first hand.
    A definite read for any romantic book lover.

  7. Wish you Were Here by Karly Lane is a rural romance about Reggie Macleod who wants to change her life from when she was a child on a cattle farm on a property in the New England Tablelands to city life so she can follow her dreams. Then one phone call changes her world.

    Reggies parents have been badly injured in a car accident and she comes back to the farm to help run the farm. Her brother Brent is trying to build up their recently started farm stay business. She was only coming home for a couple of months but that was three years ago as there was more tragedy that struck the family.

    Tim Warbois is trying to fight his demons and whilst travelling comes across the cabins and checks in, and likes the peace and quiet and extends his booking several times. Tim has no idea where life is going to take him. He hangs around the farm and starts doing some work and starts up a friendship with Reggie. Will this friendship keep him here or will he move on?

    I always enjoy reading Karly Lanes books and Wish you Were Here is no exception. Highly recommend for anyone who loves a good romance.

  8. The first chapter of ‘Wish you were here’ had me reaching for the tissues! A beautifully written book about grief, healing and understanding. Reggie returns home after her parents are in a terrible accident, one thing leads to another and she’s still manning everything 3 years later. When Tim rocks in there is an instant attraction but they must navigate through a far bit of stuff if they want to make it work.
    A lovely book in true Karly Lane style thanks Allen & Unwin and Beauty and Lace for the chance to review.

  9. Another superb romance country Australian novel by Karly Lane. Her stories are always interesting, with great characters and this one is no exception. This book also highlights the difficulties faced by return soldiers and their families.
    A great read!

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