Triple Ripple

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Author: Brigid Lowry
ISBN: 978-174-237-4994
RRP: $17.99

Brigid Lowry has enticingly entwined three separate strands, three separate lives, in a manner reminiscent of The Neverending Story for a seamless story that tells the tale of the reader, the writer and the book and places them all on the same timeline when clearly this can not be the case.

Triple Ripple keeps you reading a lot longer than other books would. Usually you would get to the end of the chapter and go “OK, it’s time to put this down and go do….”, well Triple Ripple doesn’t give you that option because you get to the end of the chapter and think ‘oh I’ll just see what the writer’s doing’ and then you have to see what the reader’s doing as well.

triple ripple

A lot of the time and place has been left very ambiguous, I think this makes it speak that little bit louder to you because it could be taking place anywhere, anywhen. The reader and the writer are in similar time periods because they live alongside the technological miracles of laptops and Facebook. The fairy tale is set in a kingdom sometime prior to the invention of photography.

Triple Ripple gets you up close and personal in palace life as we watch the story evolve and the characters take on their own lives and make their own decisions. At the same time we get a glimpse into the life of the imaginative writer who dreamt up these characters. We travel with her as she stumbles on plot lines and keeping the narrative fresh. Not always an easy feat apparently so we are also treated to some rewrites. The writer, whose identity we never learn,  writes a scene, which we read, but when she revises it the tone isn’t right so she writes it again for us to read through, again and again until the writer is happy. It turns out to be quite a novel little insight to the mind of the writer which we wouldn’t normally get.

The fairy tale is very lyrically written, it has fabulous flow and it weaves itself into your brain without you even being aware of how deeply Mirabella and Glory have burrowed into your mind.

All three stories are set out in different font so you can tell who’s story you’re sharing with a mere glance. Nova, the reader, is a 15 year old who is facing her confronting 15 year old life. Fairy tales are not her usual choice but having started she is determined to give it a go and finds it a fascinating place to escape to when the demands of the real world get a little too hard.

These characters are not always admirable but they will all speak to you, and they will stay with you. They may not start speaking to you the way they do to the writer though.

Triple Ripple’s three storylines come together at the end in a way that I really wasn’t expecting but that makes perfect sense when you give it some thought. I won’t say anything about it because I would hate to ruin it.

Sitting here now and thinking back on the 236 pages that was Triple Ripple the most important thing theme running through all three storylines is to remember that everyone has their own burdens to bear. The perfect looking life seen through a window may be sadly distorted by the glare. Regardless of your station in life no-one’s life is perfect.

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