Until I Die

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Author: Amy Plum
ISBN: 978-1-907411-03-8
RRP: $17.99

Sensational sequel to Die For Me, superbly suspenseful and painfully romantic. I absolutely loved this book and the last few chapters gripped me in anticipation of the cliffhanger ending. My only gripe with Until I Die is that now I have finished it I have to wait another year for the next book.

I have been eagerly awaiting this book ever since I finished Die For Me and it was well worth the wait but let’s start from the beginning.

The cover, what a captivating cover! I found it eye catching and intriguing in a way that made we want to pick this book up, devour it and then sit it up on display somewhere for it to be admired. The covers for both of the Amy Plum books have been gorgeous, with a shot of the back of a young female with Paris (I assume) in the background. The colours are quite similar and then there is the filigree work. I love them – they would make fabulous wall posters to say the least, certainly something I would have no problem looking at for hours on end.

The cover is just the beginning of my affair with this book, it may be the beginning of the physical attraction but what’s inside the cover I thought was even more beautiful.

until i die

The romance between Vincent and Kate is starting to heat up a bit, they have been together five months and though they know the odds are stacked against them they have no intention of walking away. Some of their scenes are heart meltingly romantic – sometimes it’s good to date a heartbreakingly hot dead guy who is an awful lot older than he looks because he remembers the art of romance.

Kate is 17 now so she’s getting ready to take that next step in her relationship and the sexual tension at times is bordering on electric, I was sure they were going to take that step before the book was through. There was lots of controlled passion and Vincent wanting to ensure she was ready. I won’t tell you the outcome though.

After the events of Die For Me the action between the revenants and numa seem to have quietened down but everyone knows that it can’t last, there has to be a reason and only time will uncover it.

Kate and Vincent are both searching for ways to ease the suffering they both must endure. Revenant/human relationships rarely work and there are pretty convincing reasons for that but these two are determined to make it work though neither wants to see the love of their life suffer. Their separate searches for a solution succeed only in leaving them all in more danger.

And anything else I say starts getting deep into spoiler territory so it’s time to aim my focus elsewhere.

Plum introduces us to new characters in Until I Die and lets us further into the history and mythology of the revenants, with every piece of the puzzle Kate gains we too learn a little more about exactly what it is she’s getting herself into.

The art, the history, the scenery – gorgeously descriptive and enough to ignite a spark of longing to see these sights. To soak up the romance and bask in the history.

Amy Plum holds us captive in her Parisian world of the undead and I have formed some theories about what the future may hold for our tortured lovers but I can do nothing but wait until the next book to see if I’m right. This series takes us to a new world, it’s fresh and original which is something that I love – unexplored territory in the young adult paranormal romance genre. Territory I am more than happy to follow Amy Plum into for as long as she explores here.

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