Review: Blood Phantom

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Author: Rhiannon Hart

The release of Blood Phantom was a pleasant surprise for me; I have been eagerly awaiting Blood Queen to round out the trilogy but hadn’t heard about the short story.

This is a very short offering told from Rodden’s point of view and taking place before Blood Song. It is only 15 pages so something you could sit and enjoy over a coffee. We learn a little more about Rodden but still don’t get his complete backstory, there isn’t time for that. Blood Phantom whets the appetite for the final volume of the trilogy released in 2014.

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Rodden is living in Pergamia with King Askar and researching the Lharmellians trying to find a solution to the harming problem, as a welcome change from dealing with the situation alongside the soldiers with a great deal of bloodshed. His research is giving him bits of information but it’s all very slow going.

Blood Phantom takes us right up to the beginning of Blood Song and gives us the other side of some early events, allowing us to slot the pieces together and see the whole picture which is something I quite like.

Fast paced and packed with information this short story is recommended reading for fans of the Lharmell series and will be sure to get you geared up for the final book.

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