Book Club: Girlish

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Author: Alana Wulff
ISBN: 9781863959780
RRP: $24.99
Publisher: Black Inc. Books – Nero
Copy: Courtesy of the Publisher

Coming in to Christmas we have sourced some book club reads for different audiences, the first of which is Girlish and a wonderful gift for the teen girls in your life.

Girlish is a journal of empowerment for girls to help open their minds and make a change, to start discussion and continue to change the world – one girl at a time.

I have a teen at home and I can not wait to share this with her and hopefully inspire her to shoot for the stars. A journal that will challenge the way she sees the world and her place in it.

Alana Wulff has put together a vibrant journal filled with inspirational quotes, conversation starters and thought provoking messages that is sure to get your teen thinking that bit bigger.

Growing up is such a minefield of challenges and decisions, teens today are faced with more choices and more options than they have ever had but the fight for equality is far from over. Girlish will inspire young girls to think about the limitations they are still faced with and find ways to overcome them.

“I never cut class. I loved getting As. I liked being smart. I liked being on time. I thought being smart is cooler than anything in the world.” – Michelle Obama.

There have been inspirational and game changing women throughout history, some are more well known than others. There are quotes from a diverse selection of strong females including Maya Angelou, Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Emma Watson, Eleanor Roosevelt; and the list goes on.

“Don’t be afraid to be the smartest person in the room”

Along with spaces to write and think about the women around you there are truth bombs, words to live by and reminders to love who we are; to be proud of who we are.

“TRUTH BOMB: 130 million girls across the world don’t have access to education”

Often when people talk about feminism the meaning gets confused, or misinterpreted. Feminism isn’t about being anti-men or punishing men or taking anything away from men it’s all about empowering women and striving for equality. Girlish focuses on empowering females to strive for equality, to be proud to be a girl and to remember those who came before and carry their torch forward to make being a girl a little easier for the next generation.

“The goal of feminism isn’t to take away men’s rights, but to improve the rights of women.”

This book is a great resource and I will definitely be encouraging my teen to make use of it. I really wish there was something like this when I was a teen, even if many of the quotes in the book hadn’t been said yet.

Girlish is more than teaching our teens that they can be anything they want to be regardless of their gender, it’s also about a strong self image, loving the you that’s you and being comfortable in your own skin and your own soul regardless of size or skin colour or preference and it’s about protecting the sisterhood.

The book is vibrant and engaging and will help teens discover feminism in the 21st century and celebrate themselves as they are.

Girlish is published by Black Inc. Books and is available through Angus & Robertson Bookworld, Booktopia and where all good books are sold.

Thanks to Black Inc. Books 10 of our Beauty and Lace Club members will be reading Girlish and I can’t wait to hear what they think.

10 thoughts on “Book Club: Girlish

  1. GiIRLISH is a very pretty and enticing book.
    I can most definitely see young teens wanting to get their hands on this.
    However, it says it is aimed at young women aged 10, I think this book is not suitable for girls of that age.
    I think 15 year old girls and above would absolutely love this.
    The book covers a wide range of difficulties that teenagers would most likely be facing. And it has different quotes and activities on how to face these difficulties.

    Thank you beauty and lace

    1. Thanks for your review Zoe.
      I think the reason it’s going that bit younger is to instil the power of self image and positive role models early. Start girls thinking this way before they become too conditioned by society.
      But I do agree that there may be some things that are a little beyond a ten year old. 🙂

  2. Thank you Beauty and Lace for this wonderful book ‘Girlish’!
    From the pretty glittery cover to the bookmark band, this beautiful book has been a huge hit with my eleven year old tween!

    My daughter has not put this book down since she received it, and I can see why. Girlish has been cleverly written and devised to help navigate the world as a girl, but far from it being a boy-hating book! From inspirational quotes of notable women to the engaging written activities, this book inspires girls to be the best they can be, aim high and deal with self-esteem and others who may want to bring them down with wonderful tips, quotes and wisdom to inspire them as a strong girl in the world!

    I think ten years old and up is perfect for this book, and especially for the tween/teen age bracket, as having a book which they can refer to, be inspired by, write in, seek wisdom and journal in, is something that young girls will benefit from and help them to form their own girl tribe and place in a world that sometimes isn’t so kind and inspirational to girls!

    My daughter thoroughly recommends this book, as do I and we will be gifting it to some of our ‘Girl Tribe’.

    Thanks again Beauty and Lace.

  3. What a refreshing book. Girlish is the perfect book for everyone. I am going on a holiday with 4 grand kids girls 17, 15, 13 and a boy 15. I am taking this to share with them and will write another review in mid December, giving their ideas on the book.
    It is so easy to read, you can open it at any page, you can read it all at once or dabble in it whenever.
    The author, Alana Wulff has created a masterpiece. The cover is catchy and appealing. The book is aimed at young teenage girls and is an attempt to give them ideas to support equality. It is aimed at empowering girls. There are liberal quotes from well known people, and many facts given in an easily understood format. One of my favorite pages :- “How to dress like a girl. Be a girl. Put on literally any piece of clothing. Congratulations you are now dressed like a girl”. Such a simple subtle message, yet so important when there are so many pressures put on young people to look a certain way.
    My only small criticism is she uses “IRL” as a word, without explaining what it stands for. Maybe I am the only person who does not know this acronym!
    I would recommend this book to all young people. I think boys can benefit from it as much as girls as it makes them question the status quo.
    Thanks Beauty Heaven for the opportunity to read this and share it with the upcoming future leaders, my grand kids.

  4. I gifted Girlish by Alana Wulff, to my cousin who is 12 years old. We spent some time together having a read and filling in some of the interactive exercises. The book is designed to be very attractive to the eye, filled with bold and motivational quotes from key women in society and bright stand out pages.

    It exudes self-esteem and provides an introduction to feminism and what it actually means for a young woman in today’s society. Reading it with a 12 year old, the book provided lots of opportunities for discussions and questions. Overall it provides an easy to read and understand crash course in feminism, while empowering young people to stand up for their beliefs, speak out and be heard.

    I would highly recommend this as a gift for a teenager or young woman.

    Thank you Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to review Girlish by Alana Wulff.

  5. Girlish is a beautiful journal aimed at tweens and teenagers. In some respects I feel like it takes a leaf out of the bullet journal craze by getting the user to chronicle and reflect on different things. But Girlish’s main aim is to promote feminism, dispel myths about the movement and to offer inspiring stories about different female role models through history. This book is an excellent introduction to feminism for young women today.

    This book is filled with inspirational quotes and interesting facts. Some of the latter are also quite sobering, like learning that women from Saudi Arabia were only granted the right to vote in 2015. This title has a cool, quirky design and it definitely offers a gal some great food for thought and moments for reflection and introspection. Girlish is great because it’s informative and it proves that us girls can come together and have fun with important issues like feminism, body positivity and self-respect, to name a few.

  6. This is a great book about developing a sense of self and confidence in tweenies and teenagers. With its pretty cover and inspirational quotes, I loved how it explored feminism in an open and easy manner.

    After having a quick flip through it, I left it in an obvious place for one of my three girls to find (which they did) and after a little while there was quite a bit of discussion around the who, what and how of the stories. This created a great opportunity to have our own little book club a week later where we picked out our favorite story, quote etc and why!

    This is a great book to have lying around the house or to gift.

  7. Girlish by Alana Wolff, is quite a different kind of book. from its cover to its contents it’s a book aimed at teenage girls.
    Girlish covers a huge range of topics/issues that girls will face and need to learn about as they go through their teens. Topics such as Feminism, what it means to be a woman and self esteem etc.
    It is really about empowering girls and telling them that it’s okay to be who they want to be.
    The book provides information and there are also pages with questions and activities for the reader to fill in.
    This is definitely a great read for any teenage girl. I have already given my copy to my cousin’ s 16 year old daughter and she absolutely loves it!
    Thank you Beauty and Lace for giving me the opportunity to read and
    review this book.

  8. This is a great book !

    It looks at empowering girls to be the best they can and allow themselves to experience anything their heart’s desire.
    I read this book with my teenage daughter and it raised many discussions. We talked about things that we probably never have,
    Take this book with you on holidays and allow those around you to read this, even boys !

  9. A beautiful written book that my 13 year old, 14 year old and myself enjoyed reading through. Inspirational quotes and facts that had us all thinking and discussing many topics. I would love for every young girl to have a copy. I only wish I had something like this when I was growing up.

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