BOOK CLUB: Dead at First Sight

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Author: Peter James
ISBN: 9781509816408
RRP: $29.99
Publication Date: 14 May 2019
Publisher: Macmillan
Copy: Courtesy of the Publisher

Peter James is a bestselling UK author with a talent for writing page-turning thrillers. This month we feature the latest release, Dead at First Sight. This is the 15th Roy Grace novel but one I’m sure will stand on it’s own.

I haven’t had a chance to pick it up yet but I look forward to hearing what our members thought.

Synopsis from the Publisher’s Website:

A man waits at a London airport for Ingrid Ostermann, the love of his life, to arrive. Across the Atlantic, a retired NYPD cop waits in a bar in Florida’s Key West for his first date with the lady who is, without question, his soulmate. The two men are about to discover they’ve been scammed out of almost every penny they have in the world – and that neither women exist.

Meanwhile, a wealthy divorcée plunges, in suspicious circumstances, from an apartment block in Munich. In the same week, Detective Superintendent Roy Grace is called to investigate the suicide of a woman in Brighton, that is clearly not what it seems. As his investigations continue, a handsome Brighton motivational speaker comes forward. He’s discovered his identity is being used to scam eleven different women, online. The first he knew of it was a phone call from one of them, out of the blue, saying, ‘You don’t know me, but I thought I knew you’.

That woman is now dead. Roy Grace realizes he is looking at the tip of an iceberg. A global empire built on clever, cruel internet scams and the murder of anyone who threatens to expose them.

Dead at First Sight is published by Macmillan and is available now where all good books are sold.

Thanks to Macmillan 15 of our Beauty and Lace Club Members will be reading Dead at First Sight so please be aware there may be spoilers in the comments below.

10 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Dead at First Sight

  1. Thank you to both Beauty and Lace and Pan MacMillan for the opportunity to read and review ‘Dead at First Sight’ by Peter James.

    Whilst this is the first Peter James novel that I have read, he has a long list of bestsellers. The main character in this novel, Roy Grace, is central to 14 others of James’ books in the Detective Superintendant Roy Grace Series’ however this was easily read as a stand alone novel and I didn’t feel disadvantaged by having not read others in the series.

    Dead at First Sight was a gripping crime thriller focused on the increasingly common Internet Romance Fraud in the UK and beyond. Roy Grace and his team, working both alongside and against an array of others (international police forces, private detectives, hitmen and victims) are in the chase of their lives to catch those central to these crimes.

    In short, fast paced chapters we, the reader, are immersed in the lives of those impacted so greatly by these crimes. Victims that have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars to lovers that don’t exist and others whose identities have been used to rob victims of their life savings.

    This novel has a vast array of characters, something I found a little challenging early on in remembering who was who. However by the second half of the book I was gripped in a total page turner I couldn’t put down. I’d definitely recommend this novel and will be eager to read other Peter James novels myself!

  2. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Dead At First Sight by Peter James. If you want edge of your seat suspense, a good twist and a page turning thriller, then this book is for you too.
    The book is based around online dating and the extent to which some scammers will go to, to rip people off. It was certainly a good eye opener for me.
    There is murder, fraud and identity theft that leads to a really good story. What starts out as a suicide, ends up being so much more.
    Have a read if you dare.

  3. Dead at first sight by Peter James.
    This is my first book from this author and it won’t be my last!!

    Men and women are being conned out of all of their life savings by on line romance dating agencies all over the world.
    It’s an extremely lucrative business, so it’s no surprise that if you speak out about it you will be silenced!!

    Detective Superintendent Roy Grace is the man in the hot seat tasked with Bringing this lucrative business to a halt. The operators will go to great lengths to keep their operation going.

    There are many different people involved, from the people getting ripped off to hit men to private investigators to the police, but can they all bring the big operators down with minimal loss of life?
    This is a great read with many twist and turns and characters that you love and ones that scare you!!


  4. Author Peter James has once again written a first class book
    Dead At First Sight is fast moving from the first page to the last
    This is the 15th book to feature DS Roy Grace and his team
    DS Roy Grace is investigating internet dating fraud connected to suicide / murders in the United Kingdom and Europe
    His long time enemy Tooth is also in the mix of things ( no spoilers )
    Murder Fraud Suspense maybe a suicide lots of twists and turns this book has it all

  5. This was my first encounter with a Peter James novel. Inside the front cover of Dead at First Sight featured the front covers of 18 other novels by Peter James. I felt like I’d been living under rock. I was super keen to start this novel, and it didn’t fail to please. The numerous concurrent story lines were tricky and a bit confusing to start with, but as the characters developed, it became easier to follow their timelines and activities.

    I was curious about the topic of this novel, internet romance scamming. It’s such a difficult crime to control and almost impossible to track down the scammers that usually establish in corrupt countries.

    Australians lost around $60.5 million in dating and romance scams in 2018 (Scamwatch, 2018).

    Peter writes well, building the multiple characters and giving them histories, and families, and purpose. It was a pleasure to read and although the characters in this novel were not relatable for me personally, I still enjoyed the twists and turns of their various lives that converged right at the very end.

    Thanks so much Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to read such a wide variety of texts, and to Pan Macmillan for supplying the books.

  6. Despite being very excited for this book to come in the mail, I’ve found it very difficult to get into. There seems to be quite a long introduction and although I’m sure it is necessary for the story and will be useful later on, I am struggling to get through it. I really want to start getting into the guts of the story. I’ve also found this book hard to read in front of the tv or when my family are around (this is how I usually read) as I really have to concentrate. I need to leave this for a while and come back to it later. I’m sure that I’ll love it when I’m in the right frame of mind. Thank you Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to read this >:o)

  7. First off thank you Beauty and Lace for giving me the chance to read this new crime/ detective book by Peter James.

    A number of middle aged, elderly and widowed men and women are turning to internet dating sites to take a stab at love but who are they really falling for?

    Dead At First Sight follows the events that occur for a number of people scammed not only out of cash but out of there retirement fund, out of there homes and for sisters Lena and Suzi out of there lives!

    Fast packed and full of action i found i couldnt put down Dead At First Sight. I wanted the bad guys caught and bought to justice.

    This was my first Peter James book and i’m keen to check out his past works!

  8. Thanks to Beauty and Lace and Pan Macmillan for this book Dead at first sight to read and review.

    I found this book very hard to get into at first as there were so many different characters and things going on it was hard not to get confused. I had to concentrate on what was going on.
    I think it would of been easier if I had read the previous books of his.

    Regardless I found the general storyline of internet fraud interesting as it is a real problem in society now. It affects many people and this book shows how easy vunerable people can be targeted and conned out of everything they own and more.

    I love a good crime book and once all the pieces came together I really enjoyed it so I would read other books by this author, Peter James.

  9. I really enjoyed reading this book . I’ve not read one of Peter James before but definitely would again . I did find it to be very predictable. Would recommend though .
    Thank you for allowing me to read this .

  10. I love mystery and crime books and have got even more into this genre recently so I was keen to read this book. I had no idea this was the 15th Roy Grace book until after finishing it so don’t worry if you’ve not read any of the preceding ones!

    The topic intrigued me as meeting partners online is becoming more common these days – that is how I met my partner, however we didn’t have a relationship that extended weeks, months or even years before meeting unlike in the novel.

    The book is made up of hundreds of very short chapters, which I liked for when I had a spare minute here or there, but very dangerous for “I’ll just read one more”! The chapters are from the perspective of many different characters, so it did get a little confusing at times as there were lots of characters that came and went alongside a few main characters.

    The story developed well to keep me hooked with a few storylines going on that ended up all entwined landing them all together by the end. The ending was a little different to I expected and almost anti-climatic but it was quite a resolved one.

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