An Ice Cold Grave

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Author: Charlaine Harris

Charlaine Harris has done it again with the New York Times Bestseller An Ice Cold Grave. I wanted to be in bed about three hours ago but couldn’t bring myself to put this book down.

An Ice Cold Grave is the third book in the Grave series that sees Harper Connolly travelling the United States at the request of law enforcement and the bereaved to bring peace to people about their missing and passed. Sometimes it is with a graveside reading of the cause of death which is usually a much easier and certainly a much speedier job.

The job Harper is called in for in An Ice Cold Grave is not one of those. This job is one of search and recovery, law enforcement agents have done all they can to find the six missing Doraville boys and come up with nothing. A group of locals have put their heads and their purses together to call in Harper and try to get some answers for 6 very unhappy families.

ice cold grave

Generally Harper likes to be given an area that seems likely to search, it makes things much easier for everyone , because without it there is way too much ground to cover and no way to call an endpoint to the search. This case turns out to be the most difficult Harper has ever had to face. It also turns out to be the one that puts her in the most personal danger.

It is always nice to be able to come in, do the job, collect the check and leave; especially when there generally seems to be a lot of derision and bad feeling about what Harper does. Doraville is way outside of the normal experience for Harper and Tolliver in every way imaginable.

The locals all seem to be quite accepting, even all of the law enforcement officials end up showing a somewhat begrudging respect for Harpers abilities by the time we reach the end of this story.

Manfred and Xylda Bernardo make an impression in this installment also. Xylda demonstrates that there is truth to her talent as she answers some questions that are raised which fall outside Harpers range of expertise. Even Manfred shows that he shares a little natural talent, he just needs to practice and develop it. I have a feeling we may see a little more of him in the final volume, trying to do exactly that.

Doraville seems to be just another small American town but it is soon plain to see that it hides more dark secrets than most. Charlaine Harris brings the town to life and fills it’s characters with realistic quirks, they come to life behind your eyes as your devour the written words.

It is witty, at times, and fast paced as I’ve come to expect from Harris and a total page turner. They mystery and intriguing plot twists will have you glued at the expense of your real world surroundings. Some of the developments will also answer quite a few of the questions we were left with at the end of Grave Surprise and I for one can’t wait to see what happens in the next volume, Grave Secret.

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