Hit List: An Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Novel

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Author: Laurell K Hamilton
ISBN: 978-075-535-2609
RRP: $32.99

‘Hit List’ takes us straight back into Anita Blake’s hectic life and picks up right where she left us at the end of ‘Bullet’. Actually, come to think of it, not quite where we left off.

‘Hit List’ begins with Blake in Seattle at the scene of a grisly murder, the latest in a string of connected murders. All of which are traceable back to the Mother of All Darkness and the band of super fast, super strong preternatural creatures she commands.

Is it all just an elaborate plan to get Blake away from the comforts of home and alone? To get her alone and make her vulnerable?

If that was the case then the bond Blake shares with the men in her life was dangerously underestimated, along with the abilities she has picked up throughout the roller coaster ride that has been her life since becoming “The Executioner”.

hit list

It isn’t just the Mother of All Darkness and her preternatural band of those who can’t be named that have underestimated Blake’s abilities. Blake and her harem of hot bodied, and blooded, men manage to be surprised by the extent of her abilities at times as well.

Anita Blake, vampire hunter, is an exercise in impossibilities! A shifter who doesn’t shift and carries numerous, sometimes seemingly innumerable, strains of lycanthropy; and a vampire.

To control and live with the overwhelming sum of shifters she’s carrying Blake gives each of her animals a form in her mind, and a vast plain to inhabit which makes it much easier for us, as readers, to really immerse ourselves in the unique melding of species that is Anita Blake.

All of these characteristics combine to ensure that even her ardeur and the rest of her hungers behave differently than they have in anyone else. Blake has been told that the ardeur, another of the appetites she must keep fed, is about lust but it seems in Blake it is more complex than that. Blake’s ardeur is proving to be more about the heart’s desire and the realisation of the deepest truths you manage to hide from the world. An extremely powerful weapon if used the right way.

There is a sadistic serial killer on the loose and local police call in US Marshals Anita Blake and Edward Forrester to track down what they are sure must be a ‘monster’. Anita and Edward are well aware that some monsters are more real than any of us would care to admit, and they know exactly what they are on the heels of. The more clues they manage to put together, the scarier the picture begins to look and it’s quite clear that all roads lead to Anita Blake. Can Anita, Edward and the team they put together outsmart those who may not be named before Anita becomes the next accessory for the Mother of All Darkness?

Hamilton has written another sensational installment in the Anita Blake series that will certainly sate your hunger for Blake, until the cravings for a new adventure kick in. Within these pages you will find sexy sculpted bodies for your imagination to feast on (oh what a fabulous movie this would make), as well as action and danger. For those of you who like some steamy sex with your fangs, there is enough to keep you satisfied.

‘Hit List’ will have you in it’s sights within the first chapter and it will hook you, enthralling you like one of Blake’s vampire brides until the very last page.

This just makes me want to go find all the books leading up to here – I have now managed to read the very first one. If you end up entering a series sometime after the first book do you go back to find where the tale begins?

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