Book Review: The Favour

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The Favour by Rebecca Freeborn is a serious and timely novel based around the loyalty bonds of female friendship. Long-held, dark secrets threaten to become exposed during trying circumstances and seriously test the power of the love and genuine connection between two strong women, Hannah and Quinn.

The secret they share is never discussed between them, but the reader does gain some insights along the journey, with hints that Hannah is indeed in debt to Quinn.

After Quinn is assaulted by a colleague she turns to Hannah for support. This is where the favour comes into being, and the lives of both women unravel.

There is an intense portrayal of the injustices and abuse women suffer at the hands of the judicial and corporate systems when attempting to bring powerful men, who assault and rape, to justice.

Wonderfully presented, this thread of power over others moves throughout the story creating suspense and will no doubt resonate with many readers. Rebecca Freeborn gives us glimpses of her own home state, South Australia, with the main focus on Adelaide and southern districts.

Readers will be captivated by this poignant tale which reflects the current nationwide momentum bringing awareness to the unbalanced and dangerous dynamics of sexual abuse.

This is a tale of ambition, revenge, and power struggles that is full of suspense and with an ending sure to linger in the mind of the reader for a long while.

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