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Descended, a debut novel by Australian author Ingrid J. Adams, is the first in a four-book series. A work of fiction in the mystery, romance, and adventure subgenres, this book has been written with sensitivity, humour, and care.

Set in the 1990s Sydney, Indigo Wolfe knows he is not like his peers. Growing up with famous parents and a large trust fund has nothing to do with what sets him apart. Indigo struggles to navigate his reality and understand his gifts — he keeps his experiences to himself, fearing he’s losing his mind.  His parents barely acknowledge his existence, so how can he ask if he is the only one who has these abilities? 

When Indigo goes to Cordelia and Robbie Carlisle’s home to celebrate their birthday, things change. He’s welcomed into their family and feels a sense of belonging and validity.  As he and Cordelia grow closer, he opens to her parts of himself he’s buried from fear. But, before he can reveal his whole self, his time is cut short when Indi’s parents decide to move across the other side of the world.

Torn apart from the one person he loves and a family who adores him, Indigo descends into darkness and makes a desperate attempt to leave this world.  Will he ever find his way back to her?

This book has a fantastic plot, so many genres are touched upon, with action, suspense, mystery, comedy, and a romance of a lifetime. I was entranced right from the first page, and I found myself fully invested from the beginning.  

Ingrid Adams skilfully constructs vivid descriptions that seamlessly transport you back to the 90s.  They have been narrated extensively, making every event sink in, and be visualized in the reader’s mind. By revealing such layers of uncharted spheres, the author adds more exotic beauty and precarious moments in the story to tell us that there’s more here than meets the eye. It’s easy reading and nothing is forced or too fast-paced.

Though the book has many characters, they are well developed, and every reader will find their favourites. The book focuses on themes that are significantly motivating. The connection, for instance, as displayed by Indigo and Cordelia, in their care, love, and faithfulness, is so moving. This book is meant to entertain and educate on relationships, loyalty, and survival. 

Everyday language and modern expressions are used to make it more relatable and get the reader emotionally involved in the dilemma of the main characters and the progress of their relationship. It’s like seeing Romeo and Juliet in alternate realities. 

As the first book in the series Ingrid Adams’ brilliantly written love story gives one hell of an entrance. If you’re looking for romance with conflict and turmoil while providing fleshed-out characters and real-life drama, then this is the book for you.  

Although Descended is intended for young adult readers, I recommend this book to adults, especially those who love this genre.

I can’t wait for the second book to find out what happens next.

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11 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Descended

  1. Thought-provoking, powerful, emotional, and brilliant to the core! It has left me in a state of reverie.
    Like the book, something drew me toward wanting to read this book with its beautiful cover and description it had me
    curious to read this book. I must say the Prelude had me thinking perhaps this was not the book for me but believe me, Ingrid really knew how to keep me captivated after that and proved me so wrong because I am going to have to say, this was and is my favourite book of the year to date.
    A bit of a poetic composition, it felt raw and unvarnished with the in-depth closeness of the main characters in this book, so very real that fantasy was overridden and so cinematic it would be an award-winning movie along with the soundtrack already laid out. I felt Twilight Saga vibes but bigger and with such an important message of hope striking a chord within us, of resonance. I pictured Raf as the well-known actor Gil Birmingham but Indigo Wolfe is one who would have to be a unique choice along with Cordelia and if the actress Jenna Ortega could play a villain, then she would make a good Harper Valentine.
    If you are a teenager, a struggling teen/Young adult, or have a teenager, if you have ever been so close to darkness in your life no matter your age; or if someone you know has committed suicide, this very book will offer hope and belief in your own individual minds without being moralizing. It is so well written and not without a few funny sayings and words like the one when Indigo replies to his father about the damask sofa haha!
    I highly recommend this first book in a series of 4 to come, a book of meaning, love, and what is meant to be that will have you feeling an understanding type of comfort to what you yourself want to believe in. The young heart in me was well won over by this beautifully played-out story and I highly recommend it to people who have felt different from others, like they don’t quite fit in.
    The main character Indigo who lived a long time ago descended to rock bottom, yet he was one whom everyone felt drawn towards and he seemed to have it all, wealth, looks, and popularity. As you will find out when you read this, there are a few big elements missing and this will take you on a journey of searching for his inner self and the power within him to heal from deep pain and hurt, believe in himself, know he belongs where he is and to try and get back what he truly holds most dearly, the love of his life.
    So many thanks go to Ingrid J. Adams as it may be fiction to some but parts felt real to me and to have me still thinking so deeply, you are one therapeutic author.
    Thank you Beauty and Lace as always for choosing me amongst others to read this book as I am desperately hanging out for the next now.
    LOVED IT!!!

  2. I have never been a particular enthusiast of sci fi or all things paranormal. However, I did thoroughly enjoy reading “Descended,” by Ingrid Adams when offered the opportunity by Shawline Publishing.
    There are “elite witches with higher senses” as well as warlocks with “higher senses that use their powers for self serving purposes.” All things supernatural are interwoven throughout, adding, not distracting from the story.
    Indigo Wolfe, the life of the party, the one everyone wants to emulate, hides a much darker, deeper side. The love he feels for Cordelia Carlisle is profound. His descent into depression is moving and powerful for the reader. After being rescued from an unsuccessful suicide attempt Indigo is told that “ he needs to face the consequences of his actions. Sometimes we need to sit in our own mistakes and find the strength to want to save ourselves.” Very powerful dialogue by I. Adams!
    As I have stated previously, it’s my least favourite genre, but I loved it!

  3. Thank you so much Beauty and Lace and Shawline Publishing for allowing me to review Descended.
    I loved the book as soon as I started reading.
    I loved that it explored many genres so there was a bit of everything for everyone.
    I normally don’t enjoy paranormal or sci fi novels but this was definitely an exception.
    I found it easy to read as the characters were all likeable with different experiences but they were all interwoven which made it an easier read.
    I loved the book and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a book to sink their teeth into.

  4. I can not wait for the next one! I hate finishing great books but I love hearing there is more to the story!!
    A truely magical book in every sense of the word. Sci-fi meets romance. Great character development and develo storyline. I have alrey passed on this book to friends with glowing recommendations!

  5. I was in two minds about this book myself but once I began, it had me hooked. So thank you for giving me the opportunity to read it.

    Indigo Wolfe is the main character. He is the child of rich and famous parents who don’t take much notice of him. He makes friends with Cordelia Carsisle and her brother and becomes part of their family. His parents make him move to the USA where things well and truly unravel for him.

    Hopefully he can return to Australia and Cordelia.

  6. Descended by Ingrid j Adams .
    What a roller coaster ride this story is. One minute I was overwhelmed next I was sad then I was happy such a beautifully written book .
    I love the main character Indigo Wolfe who is 14 years old and in Year 8 at high school, the story is based in 1990s when there was no smart phones .
    He has rich parents who do not see him much .
    He falls in love but unfortunately that does not last as this is torn from him his life is bombarded with sadness and this is we’re the fantasy begins .
    I think this book has a mixture of a love story , fantasy and I love the QR code at the beginning of the book with takes you to a playlist of 90s and 8Os songs
    which I enjoyed as well as reading this book can’t wait to read the next one .
    Thankyou beauty and lace for the chance to read this great book as it would be something I would never pick myself .

  7. I really enjoyed reading this book and loved how Cordelia and her twin brother Robbie, and their family opened their hearts of Indigo. Even though Indigo was good looking, super popular and had famous and rich parents it shows that with the lack of love in his life he was lost. Being embraced by a family and becoming a part of that family was something he treasured and it gave his life purpose. When that was taken from him his world falls apart

    I think this would be a great book to put on the Christmas gift list for anyone that has a young adult to buy for.

  8. Many thanks to Beauty and Lace and Shawline Publishing Group as well as Ingrid Adams for allowing me to get lost in this incredible debut novel.

    What can I say, Ingrid is a born writer as what she put together here in this story about Indigo Wolfe and Cordelia Carlisle is amazing.

    I was immersed in this book from the start. I loved the characters as they were well described and it was easy to follow who was who.

    The love story was intense. I just saw that this is the first in a series of four so I cannot wait to find out what happens next. I will be looking out for the new one to continue the journey with Indigo and Cordelia.

    I also loved the supernatural side to this book which surprised me as I am not normally into that but it was written in such a way that it all felt like part of the story. I guess it proved to me that I can enjoy anything if it is in the right context.

    Look forward to the next chapter…..

  9. Descended by Ingrid J Adams was one hell of a book! There was so much to it that it is hard to review and do it justice in a way. It is a mixture of fantasy, paranormal and sci-fi perhaps? and the characters felt so real, I just wanted to meet them! I think I fell in love with Indigo Wolfe, the main character as everyone who meets him does. He is just everything and then some! The storyline also revolved around the other main character of Cordelia Carlisle and her family who are the most loveable family, the type of people you wanted as your neighbours and best friends. Her twin brother Robbie is adorable! I loved that it was set in Australia in the 90’s and I adored the playlist provided at the start of the book too – genius!
    I was enthralled from the weird prelude that left me pondering for so long. Slowly discovering and understanding what it all meant as you went along was so satisfying and really kept me engaged to the end! The journey Indigo goes on of self-discovery is intense and I loved reading about him finding himself, understanding his powers or higher senses as well as finding his people. I did find the part of him being in love a little too much at times plus, I also thought the characters came across as perhaps a little too mature for the ages they were supposed to be however, these are my only 2 criticisms of the book as otherwise everything was perfect.
    I admit I didn’t realise there was another book at first and was left bewildered when I finished it thinking surely that can’t be it – WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?! Relief on seeing the review comment on the back about a next instalment, knowing this incredible and intriguing story continues! Where does this story lead too next, I am dying to find out!
    Thank you oh so much Beauty and Lace and to Shawline Publihing Group for the opportunity to discover this author and series, I am well and truly hooked!

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