With New Books Come New Feelings

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Hachette Australia are a publisher who take great pride in the authors they publish, bringing great books to all lovers of the printed word.

I have some brilliant books in my collection that I would never have read were it not for the passionate staff working for Hachette Australia.

To celebrate the art form that is great writing Hachette have put together a very cute and innovative video that illustrates the emotional responses inspired by a good book.

Every new book possesses the potential to invoke a strong reaction, and you can never really tell what your strongest emotional response is going to be.

(Watch this in full screen if you can)

I love books, I have always loved books, and I love to collect books. There is an ingrained response in me to protect my precious books. The kids can trash my house and I’ll cope but NOOOO don’t touch my books.

Long have I engaged in the debate about how many books are too many. My stance – there are never too many books. Where will I put them, what will I do with them? These are questions much tougher to answer. Hachette has an answer to that question as well and it is demonstrated very cleverly in this video. I would love to be able to do that but I’m not convinced it would work with single copies of hundreds of different books.

Imagination and emotional responses are limitless when you are immersed in a good book, and Hachette have demonstrated that the same can be said if you have a large wealth of books at your disposal.

Check out this video for inspiration and fun, it’s a fantastic watch and some of the books I saw used certainly seduced a strong emotional response out of me – the I WANT response.

We would love to hear what you think about the video.

One thought on “With New Books Come New Feelings

  1. I loved the video. How do people think of these things?

    Im like you Michelle and can never have enough books.
    I feel unsettled if i dont have a pile of boks beside the bed that are yet to be read.
    When i went to the US 3 years ago I packed 4 books for the flight and my daughters thought i was crazy and kept saying “they have books in America Mum” ….well…problem was that instead of sleeping as i should have i stayed awake and read for the entire flight to LA and then finished my last book on the flight from LA to NY…then i slept for about an hour before we landed…ooppss

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