Sin Tropez

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Author: Aita Ighodaro
ISBN: 978-184-887-6620
RRP: $29.99

Sin Tropez is the debut novel by Aita Ighodaro that takes us to all of the most exclusive hangouts of the ultra rich and gives a glimpse into the high class social scene.

Ighodaro paints a colorful portrait of excess in a world where the rich are not used to being told no and the girls are all wanting to catch themselves a lasting piece of the action. This story has been well written to evoke many different emotional responses which are ultimately subconscious because even when you don’t want to empathise when the characters bring disaster on themselves you can’t help it.

sin tropez

Sin Tropez is an illuminating glimpse at the lengths some people will go to trying to erase their past. A tragic look at the depths of degradation that will be endured hoping for a brighter tomorrow. Ultimately we learn, alongside the lead characters, that the only way forward to a brighter tomorrow is to take responsibility for our own happiness and sense of worth; even though it usually takes someone else to show us our worth we need to hold onto it and make it our own.

An aging playboy tycoon invites best friends Tara and Abena to join him for an exclusive party on his super-yacht in St Tropez where they discover they are a small fraction of the gorgeous female population invited along to titillate the comparably tiny male faction. Here begins the tale of tawdry encounters, uncharacteristic behaviours and addiction.

Also invited along to party is Natalya, a Latvian model running from a haunting childhood and searching for an ultra rich husband to fund her future. Natalya is determined to get ahead and super competitive so she remains aloof from those that she sees as competition. At times she is envious of the girls around her that share such friendly relationships.

For the first two thirds of the book Natalya’s story is told alongside that of Tara and Abena, though they are seen at some of the same parties and function they never actually meet; which is maybe not such a bad thing when you hear what they think of each other. Until the day comes that their paths cross in just the right manner and Natalya begins to open herself a little more to the prospect of actually sharing friendships.

The partying takes up quite a large part of the story but quickly takes a back seat to the personal journeys we share in with our characters.  All three girls embarked on a path at the beginning of the novel towards their dreams and their goals for their future. On getting close to achieving these dreams all three girls realise that the glamorous jet-setter lifestyle they’ve had their hearts set on is really not so glamorous or desirable after all. Sometimes you really do have to be careful what you wish for because things look different from the outside.

Sarah is another important character though her role in the story is not quite as front and centre. She is Abena’s strait-laced old fashioned friend, very much an old married woman at the young age of 22 because of her long term relationship. When invited to the early party by Abena Sarah turned it down, voicing her disapproval of all the party stood for. Later on we watch as Sarah too becomes infatuated with the glitzy lifestyle her new job brings her way.

At times a funny and heartwarming story this is also a tragic tale of the sinful seduction of the bright lights and carefree lifestyles flaunted by the rich to the ultimate degradation of young women eager to please and taste of the action. An enjoyable read that is all too believable and hides a few well placed twists that tease you with possibilities and shy away with possible contradictions until the final reveal.

A bit of a change of pace for me so it took a little to warm to but in the end quite an enjoyable expedition into a world I know I’ll never see first hand.

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