Fifty Shades of Grey – The Movie

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Fifty Shades of Grey and its two sequels, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed, have sparked quite a fire of emotion throughout society and it seems everyone has an opinion – naturally.

I don’t think I have read, heard or seen an ambivalent opinion anywhere. This doesn’t seem to be a series that leaves you untouched and that speaks volumes in itself. It seems to me that the sides are relatively even on this debate – either you love it or you hate it but either way you are more than happy to plaster your opinion all over the web. The reactions to Fifty Shades of Grey is all black and white as far as I can see.

The books have amassed such a following that they are becoming some of the fastest selling books in history.


It is no surprise to me then that rights to this sex-fuelled trilogy has been snapped up by Universal Pictures and its Focus Features division and Fifty Shades will make it to the big screen.

Speculation, not to mention desire, is rife across the web with suggestions and predictions about who would be best suited to play the roles of the lead characters in this series. There are some hot favourites, some don’t they dares and some that I’m sure are just about the body and not the chemistry that could be brought to the role.

The rights have been bought but no-one has signed onto this project yet so the Fifty Shades movie is still quite a ways off in the future.

My biggest question at this point is whether the hype will fade before the movie is made… and if it does will the movie release fan the flames to return it to the inferno of debate that is raging now?

Have you read the series? Do you want to read the series? Who do you think would play the parts well?

And would you go and see the movie?


One thought on “Fifty Shades of Grey – The Movie

  1. I have read and LOVE the books not even the sex parts but the actual love story. I mean it’s super far fetched but at the same time it’s not vampires so its something that I can relate to. I’ve been thinking for a while who I’d like to be cast I could see Emma Stone and Henry Cavill I think both would be perfect but I would also love it if Ana was an unknown because I have her pictured in my mind a certain way. Also I think Henry would be a perfect choice I mean besides his amazing looks I see him actually portraying Christian perfectly.

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