Book Review: One Perfect Night

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Author: Rachael Johns
ISBN: 9781426892912
RRP: $3.79

As I was updating my Goodreads progress on finishing It’s Not You, It’s Her I was shocked to discover that according to Goodreads there was one Rachael Johns title I had yet to read. That was something that had to be rectified, immediately. So I headed straight to Amazon to purchase and start reading.

I think part of the reason it has taken me so long to write the review is that reading two books by the same author back to back can make reviewing difficult; especially when one is the latest and the other is the very first digitally published release from 2011.

One Perfect Night is the debut offering of Rachael Johns, published by Carina Press in 2011. I think the reason I had missed this one is that I was strictly print when it was released and have only very recently downloaded the Kindle App so that I can read that format.

one perfect night

I really enjoyed reading this story, it was not an original premise with the hero and his leading lady being the CEO and an employee of the same company. CEO and employee can be an interesting one because depending on the size of the company the CEO isn’t necessarily going to know all the staff but there’s a pretty good chance all the employees will know who the CEO is. The two meet at the company’s kids Christmas Party where Penelope (more commonly known as Peppa) has filled in at the last minute for the entertainer who dropped out.

Rachael has given the characters great chemistry, realistic baggage and emotional back stories. The pacing is good and the tension is relatable.

One Perfect Night is short and sweet, it is also a story that touched me as there was a time I could well relate to Peppa and the struggle she faced.

This is a story of moving through the heartbreak of the past and discovering exciting new futures.

Rachael Johns can be found on Twitter, Facebook and her Website.

One Perfect Night is available now from Amazon

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