Book Review: Deadly Obsession

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Author: Karen M. Davis
ISBN: 978-19-220-5255-1
RRP: $29.99
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Australia

Finally Detective Lexie Rogers is back and the current case is going to hit even closer to home. I have been eagerly awaiting this sequel ever since Sinister Intent was published this time last year.

Lexie’s time on the force has seen her in more life threatening situations than some officers see in their entire career. She is slowly getting on top of the anxiety attacks that she refuses to allow to jeopardise her career and she is determined to prove her worth as the newest detective on the block.

A nurse is found on Clovelly Beach, which is only five minutes from Lexie’s place, and it all looks a little too perfect. Lexie and partner Brad agree that this looks very much like a staged suicide. Early on Lexie discovers that this case is way too close to home, the nurse was a friend of the woman who destroyed her marriage and was known to her ex-husband.

Can Lexie remain objective when he becomes a person of interest or is she too close to the case?

Lexie is determined to see this case through to the end and prove her worth to her commanding officer. It is Lexie who recognises patterns and starts to see a picture much bigger than the nurse found on Clovelly Beach, and if she’s not careful both she and her best friend Dani may find themselves in the firing line if she can’t find the killer before the killer finds them.

Deadly Obsession brings back many of the characters I loved from Sinister Intent and continues their stories. Dani discovered the droolworthy doctor liked to share himself around called it off. Josh shut down after losing his sister and ran away to Bali to wallow in an alcohol induced haze, Rex Donaldson remains on the periphery of the story, always around but keeping a low profile.

Rex was a character that grabbed me in Sinister Intent and I was left wondering what was next for him so I was really pleased to see him back in Deadly Obsession. I think he and Lexie are going to come across one another many times in the course of her career, partly because they are in the same area and Sydney isn’t really that big but also because they have built a rapport that will see them work together again and again.


Personally I think you could read these two novels stand alone without missing out on too much but Davis writes with such authenticity that I would recommend reading both just for the pleasure it brings.

Lexie is tough, she is dedicated to her career and doesn’t want to see anything stand in her way, even though she’s missing Josh and feeling betrayed by his desertion. At home she can fall apart and sloth in her trackies but once she’s out the door it’s the job that really counts and proving that she can solve this case.

There was enough suspense and misdirection to keep me guessing until the big reveal of who was responsible. A couple of times I thought that I was close to figuring it all out and then something would happen to lead my down a totally different track. The mark of an intriguing suspense that will hold your audience.

The 20 years Davis spent on the force certainly helped with her research because Deadly Obsession spent lots of time focused on all of the aspects of the investigation. It’s not all fingerprinting and chasing the bad guys. Lots of time is spent making sure the reports are up to date and ALL relevant information is keyed into the investigation logs on the computer, and then there’s briefings and meetings and press conferences – all on top of the work of actually catching the perpetrator.

Deadly Obsession is a well paced, well thought out crime novel sure to keep audiences guessing; as they sit up way too late flicking pages hoping to fit in just one more chapter.

I thought Deadly Obsession was well worth the wait and I just hope Davis has more of Detective Lexie Rogers to bring us.

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