Book Review and Giveaway: Leap of Faith

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Author: Fiona McCallum
ISBN: 9781743692400
RRP: $29.99

Fiona McCallum has penned six Australian bestsellers, Leap of Faith is her seventh novel and set in the picturesque Adelaide Hills.

All of the books I have read by McCallum have been set in South Australia but this is the first in my neck of the woods. I’m not sure exactly where the farm is but I’m familiar with the surrounding towns and the roads mentioned so it had a very familiar feel to me right from the start.

I am not sure where my headspace is at just of late but it is affecting my reading and my empathy with heroines. I enjoyed the premise of Leap of Faith which has McCallum’s signature writing style and well drawn characters. Her animals are characters in their own right and you can’t help but be drawn to them. My issue was I couldn’t connect to lead character Jessica, I couldn’t get past some of her attitudes and decisions.

In the early pages Jessica has a traumatic accident in the middle of a horse riding event; leaving her hospitalised but thankfully her horse Prince suffers only a few scratches. Jessica’s broken ankle means she is out of action for six weeks with little to occupy her. The extremely capable, physical and independent Jessica is unable to ride, unable to teach and perhaps the most frustrating she is unable to care for her horses or help husband Steve on the farm.

All of this time off her feet gives Jessica way too much time to think, and to question EVERYTHING. A lot of her self evaluation is to be expected and completely natural but it seemed to me that she got a little melodramatic about it all for a while there. Jessica is concerned about the loss of condition in her horses and all of the extra responsibility on her husband looking after them so she rushes into a decision that those around her think she will come to regret. And, to top it all off she tries to isolate herself at home away from the entire horse community, and her town, because she’s not ready to face anyone.

Jessica is given time to look at her career so far and analyse what she has achieved, and why. Her pit of self-pity is quite deep but I think it needed to be for her to grow and tackle things from a different angle. The time and distance from her competition offer a very different perspective and allow her to recognise things she had never noticed throughout her career, and her rash decision allowed a second chance at happiness.

leap of faith

Faith is the rundown and forlorn horse Steve brings home from a clearing sale, after Jessica has sold hers. There’s a lot at play here and it seems quite obvious that Steve picked up the horse to try and rekindle Jessica’s passion but she is determined to keep her distance. It turns out that Faith affected Steve in a way he wasn’t expecting and he just couldn’t bear to leave the horse behind.

Every character has a story and Faith is no different, her story is heartbreaking and she too needs a second chance. The slow unfolding of Faith’s story broke my heart. It was beautiful to watch the blossoming relationship and growth of trust between Faith and Jessica as they both had a lot to learn.

Leap of Faith is an aptly named and beautifully told story of love, loss and second chances. It tells a tale of self discovery and demonstrates the need for honesty and the importance of in sickness and in health, and sharing with your partner because trying to hide it and struggle through alone hurts both of you.

A beautiful weekend read for a journey to the lush greenery of the picturesque Adelaide Hills.

Leap of Faith is book #14 for Australian Women Writers Challenge 2015.

For more about Fiona and to get a look at all of her titles you can find her on Facebook, her website and the Harlequin website.

We have copies of Leap of Faith to giveaway to 5 of our lucky readers. If you want to be one of them tell us in the comments below about an injury that had you out of action and appreciating all the things you take for granted.

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61 thoughts on “Book Review and Giveaway: Leap of Faith

  1. I fell down a set of timber stairs my husband had restored and polished I will admit I had socks on at the time so my own fault I broke my tail bone and it was so sore and had to heal itself actually I was in agony

  2. Playing volleyball at our local competiton and I hit the ball incorrectly hurting my left thumb at the base. My husband who was running the comp says youll be right, no biggy after I asked for ice. Next day my hand was black and as we are self employed, no work for me for a week. Serves him right, at least he found out the hard way how much I do!

  3. Mine is an injury to my right knee 2 years ago. Gone are the days when you can spring out of bed, bend down with your knees to pick something up in a feminine way, getting into a car with dignity, even taking the dog for a walk is a go zone. When you can’t do something is when you totally appreciate what you miss dong. I have just recently had a total right knee reconstruction and now am learning how to actually walk again with the knee. It’s going take 3-6 months but I miss doing what I love.

  4. I was in a bad car accident as a teenager. I had broken bones and stitches so when I was healed I really appreciated things like a shower, water running over my face, being able to lift my arms up to wash my own hair. Lots of little mundane things that you don’t think about but when you can’t do them you really miss them.

  5. I dislocated my knee and also got a dvt from it, so I really appreciated the easy things in life, just being able to walk normally.
    Drive a car and playing sport.

  6. I broke my foot after tripping over when selling avon door to door – I was in a moonboot for 18 weeks and still cant bend my toes as it was right where my toes meet my foot.

    I really appreciated all the aid I got from family and friends and even at events like Oz Comic Con where the staff were offering me a seat while I waited in line

  7. This is happening now. I have re injured my lower lumbar (back) and the pain each day is debilitating. Being an older person, my recovery time will be longer than when I was 30-40 but with pain medication, heat rubs and wheat bags this will get better. What I miss most is riding my bike, kayaking and simply taking my dog for a walk. I will do those things I have taken for granted but for now it’s slow and easy.

  8. My injury was a broken ankle, I was going to feed a couple of poddy calves with my grandson who was only four at the time when I tripped on a rock and broke my ankle in two places which I received a plate and rod inserted the next afternoon. I had to get my grandson to go back to the house, which would have been 200 metres to get my handbag with my mobile phone. He struggled back with my heavy handbag. As I live on a property out of town he was my hero that afternoon. You don’t realise how much you need your legs. I admire anyone who has ever had a limb removed.

  9. When I was 15 i was knocked off my bike. At first it was thought I had broken my neck, but after a day or two it was found that I had not broken my neck, but other serious damage was done. I could not lift my head off the pillow for days. I had 3 fractures to my upper jaw and a badly broken nose. After quite a few surgeries I got back into my normal routine. My year 11 was a blur at the time, but I still passed my subjects, just!
    Now, 35 years later, I have no recollection of the event, just the recovering and the consequences of the broken jaw. I have never let it get me down and see it as just a hurdle, that was to prepare me dor the years to come (including caring for my 2 year son who was diagnosed with cancer).
    Every day is a blessing, and I know that every moment is precious. My mum always said ‘All good things come to those who wait’ and it’s true. She also taught me to remain positive, always!

  10. I live in a caravan and went out one night to the amenities, I forgot the dog was tied up in the annexe as it was raining and tripped over her lead. I literally went flying and landed face down in the gravel. I had to go to emergency and have the gravel washed out of my face, hands and knees, and a few bandages later I went home. I still have a scar across my nose where the skin was ripped off. I am extra careful now.

  11. 9 months ago, I slipped off a deck and fractured my tail bone. The pain I suffered was terrible. I still suffer the pain, but being able to walk now and being able to enjoy my family is just beautiful. I love that I can now be able to do the little things with my family.

  12. Mine wasn’t an accident, I’ve been lucking in that regard. However, when I was 27 weeks pregnant with my second child I had a major bleed and we both nearly lost our lives. I was hospitalised for a week then was on strict bed rest. I wasn’t able to work and looking after my first child from a bed was challenging to say the least. I spent many a day wondering and contemplating my decisions and choices. Thankfully we both came through the other side fit and healthy.

  13. I recently done a stupid thing and got on one of my horses bareback that had not been ridden in 2 years… Anyways he didn’t like it and as soon as I got on he rared up and launched in to a bucking bronk horse, I lasted 5 bucks before I came off landing on my back across a log on the ground. I went up to the ED a few days later which showed I had a fractured rib and Undisplaced fracture of the transverse process of the L3 vertebrae.. Having a 3 month old baby and not being able to do all the things I needed to like picking him up and bending over to put him in his cot was very difficult.. You really learn to appreciate having a healthy body just to do those simple things… Lesson learnt… Don’t get on a horse bareback after him having 2 years off even though you think they are quiet!!

  14. In September 2013, I had a bad fall on a eaten away road due to a bush fire and broke my foot in 7 places, tore my tendon and was on crutches and in a moon boot for 7 months. I also had to have an exemption from school during that time. Because of how long I was using the crutches and moon boot, the muscles in my leg deteriorated and I had to push through the pain and start walking by myself again before my leg couldn’t support my body anymore. Because of this I couldn’t get my own food, I couldn’t go anywhere, do anything around the house, get ready for the shower by myself among other everyday necessities.
    This accident made me realise that I cant be lazy and get other people to do stuff for me when im capable to and also to make the most of every moment while I can because any little thing can take it from you. Now I walk every where and do everything for myself even though I still suffer from constant pain.

  15. Not quite an injury …. But certainly put of action…. I have had breast lumps which has seen me not being able to participate in many of life’s fun activities. It would seem the cure (the medication) is probably worse than the limps. Been a long haul, much prodding and probing, and small ops…. But hopefully coming out to the other side!…. Big lesson. Don’t take anything for granted and don’t work yourself into the ground, hug your children and guise you love, and make time for the things and people you love…. You never know how long you are here for!

  16. Not quite an injury …. But certainly out of action…. I have had breast lumps which has seen me not being able to participate in many of life’s fun activities. It would seem the cure (the medication) is probably worse than the lumps. Been a long haul, much prodding and probing, and small ops…. But hopefully coming out to the other side!…. Big lesson – don’t take anything for granted and don’t work yourself into the ground, hug your children and those you love, and make time for the things and people you love…. You never know what tomorrow will bring!

  17. Falling down half a flight of stairs with a tiled wall in front of you will do it! Yes, aside from the pain, the trauma of an accident definitely makes you appreciate the things you used to do without thinking… getting out of bed, dressing, eating, cooking, driving, working, feeding the dog and the kids, even making a cup of coffee!! ….I remember when I could finally open the lid to a jar of coffee again!!

  18. More than just an injury. Slowly got sicker and sicker to the point where walking left me breathless. Weeks of tests. The diagnosis stage 4 Breast cancer with secondaries in the liver.
    A big shock however a blessing too. One that it was found, so it can be treated. Ironically they cannot find the breast cancer as all
    Mammograms, Scans, physical examinations come up with nothing.
    As hard as the news was, I feel blessed. I now realise how previous life is. How grateful I am to have beautiful, supportive people around me. Taking one day at a time and not swearing the small stuff

  19. Oh wow…which injury shall I choose. Working around horses there always seems to be more hurties than usual. Do I mention the time I fell of a galloping horse and landed on my biggest centre of gravity. I couldn’t walk for a week and the pain was agonising. Or the time I was trampled by a horse at pony club when it careered out of a horse float. Ambulance ride and a stay in hospital…on my birthday! Broken ribs and a broken nose…I was not a pretty sight. Unfortunately a week later my dad was admitted into hospital with a suspected heart attack…when I went to visit him…oh my…..the looks my husband received from other ladies thinking that he had beaten me up 🙁
    anywhooo I look on the bright side, I can now tell the weather with my butt….from the aches from my broken tail bone 🙂

  20. i had a calf muscle strain and I couldn’t exercise and felt so out of sorts, needed fitness in my life to make me feel good, and appreciate the help and support of my partners patience when in excruciating pain

  21. when I was 10 years old I was riding my bike around my neighbourhood one of my neighbours were in the process of fixing their roof and had a pile of roof tin sitting in their yard being a curious child I rode closer to investigate slicing my middle toe on the tin in the process I dropped my bike and took off home I told my mum I had cut my toe in a total panic my mum knowing that I’m a drama queen told me to calm down as she casually collected a bandaid for my cut expecting it to be no more than a scratch needless to say once she took a close look we were off the the hospital where I received 22 stitches in my toe and a tetanus shot mum was told that I was very lucky as I had only just avoided cutting my tendent after that I had to wear a bandage on my foot and be on crutches for 6 weeks unfortunately all this occurred right before a family holiday we had planned meaning while everyone else was enjoying swimming and roller skating and all that the fun the resort had to offer I had to sit on the side line and watch. I will never take the use of my foot for granted again.

  22. I was in a car accident where my car did a 360 and the window shards fell on top of me. I only suffered whiplash thankfully but you can’t take anything for granted. Appreciate life.

  23. I had a migraine head which triggered a seizure, resulting in me falling face down fracturing my nose and depositing a pool of blood on the floor. I rang my local GP but he was in theatre. A few minutes later I had another seizure and fell on my back, bruised my left shoulder right into the bone and wrenched my neck. My nose resulted in a bruise from just below my right eye down to the side of my mouth even though I had an ice pack on it for awhile. The problem after the second one was I was unable to get up which resulted in an Ambulance being called instead of going to hospital by car. One hospital was diverting to another which resulted in longer waiting time and I kept losing and regaining consciousness. As I don’t jerk around during a seizure the triage staff weren’t aware of them. Until I fractured my nose I wasn’t aware that when you exert yourself in other ways, that I would trigger pain in my nose which had ceased.

  24. I fell of my horse and broke my right leg, being an active person I found it difficult not being able to do anything and relying on other people.I recovered and appreciated my freedom, independence and help from the staff in the hospital, love , and support from friends and family!

  25. Breaking a leg or arm can be so restrictive and frustrating you get so sick of sitting back watch. Not being able to participate can be annoying.

  26. Last year I developed a trapped nerve in my lower back, it was agonising to do anything, sitting, walking, sleeping all caused me pain. My chiro took x-rays to make sure I didn’t have a spinal tumour, luckily I didn’t which was a huge relief. The pain gradually went away after about 6 months and I’m now just grateful to be able to do the simple things in life without constant pain.

  27. I was at work im a cleaner I was walking into a kitchen there was a pool of water on the floor I couldn’t see it because the sun was shining threw the window and all the lights were on I went flying up and landed heavily on my back I have now been left with sciatica all in my back and down the left hand side of my body which I will have forever so lots of pain and restrictions in life .but I must keep my chin up and smile could have been a lot worse I could have been paralysed .

  28. Well I have had a few accidents that made me appreciate the small things in and as a mother definitely appreciate being able to kick a ball with my boys . I definitely even now appreciate the simple task as putting on a bra !

  29. I was renovating my home and carrying my Grandmother’s antique bedhead down the stairs, the cat ran in front of me and I tripped and slipped, gliding down the stairs with the bedhead on top of me. I was heavily winded / injured and lay down the bottom of the stairs for an hour before I could move enough to ring the ambulance. I had broken my ankle, wrist and had a concussion. Unfortunately, the bed head didn’t survive the crash either, but with the help of my neighbour we carefully restored it and it’s back to it’s former glory. A message from the Wise: “Cats are nature’s way of teaching humility to humans” and “To err is human…Purrfection is feline”.

  30. I am a klutz, but thankfully those around me are my airbags & wings & everything good, kind and necessary.

  31. A Hysterectomy at 33yrs put me out of action for 6 weeks no worries I thought but then I realised no basketball to play ,no soccer to go & watch for a couple of weeks but more importantly I couldn’t lift up my kids to give them a cuddle or help them with manual things they had to do so it just shows what we take for granted everyday.

  32. I had just turned 21 when I was hit by a speeding car in a pedestrian crossing. I wasn’t expected to survive but I’m still here, 50+ years later. It was 14 months before I was able to walk again and I have never forgotten the horror of realising I couldn’t just walk, I needed to LEARN to walk again. All through that time I was able to count my blessings and be thankful for the love of family and friends. I felt that I’d been given an insight into life that would sustain me through difficult times.

    Dealing with my husband’s cancer with the support of our son and darling Daughter-in-law opened my eyes to the intense suffering of many, especially the very young dealing with cancer. Through all that time my husband never complained and we faced it all together. We celebrate 52 years of marriage this week, looking forward and valuing every moment.

  33. My injury was a broken ankle whilst on holiday to attend a wedding mid last year. The broken ankle kept me immobilised for 12 weeks and then it was discovered I had developed a DVT (blood clot) in my calf, so I can sympathise with the heroine of this book!

  34. Hahaha even with an injury there’s no ‘out of action’ for this energizer bunny, responsibilities nor circumstance allows it.

  35. hahaha….. falling down stairs and landing in a rose bush to top it off….ended up with a broken arm and fractured the other wrist… twisted my knee….and had bark off me everywhere…..
    ohhh and thorns….and more thorns…. hahaha..
    everything was a hassle from eating, bathing, getting dressed ohhh and the loo what a nightmare…haha
    or the time i was running to catch a ball and run straight into a concrete wall and ended up with stitches in my head….
    or the time i went roller skating and fell over big time…. thought i broke my bum….agony!!
    or ice skating…the same thing…thought i broke my bum then too….absolute agony!!
    or roller blading at 42….and couldn’t stop and went straight into a park bench…. could see my shin skin on the edge of the seat….stitches and never to roller blade again….lol
    geez the list goes on…
    Im so accident prone….pushing 50 these days and I still do alot of damage to myself….hahaha
    im in need of a good read atm…..
    so if you want to hear some more of my accidents as i like to call them…please dont hesitate to ask im more than happy to share….hahaha

  36. I had surgery on my achilles tendon. I couldn’t put my foot on the ground for two weeks. Unfortunately, due to shoulder problems, I couldn’t use crutches. I was forced into a wheel chair. That made me appreciate lots of things. From driving the car to getting on and off the toilet. From taking a cup of coffee from the the kitchen to lounge room to going outside to water the garden. Even getting out of my lounge chair was near impossible. Thankfully my husband was able to modify my chair so I could get up out of it on one foot.

  37. My injury was a cut to the back of my right hand. It went from the knuckle of my little finger right across to the last knuckle. A total of 8 stitches and my right hand out of action for over 3 weeks. Needless to say I was right handed at the time. I had to learn to do everything left handed and the biggest thing that caused me the most problems was trying to brush and plait my long hair. Trying to wash myself, dress myself and do the simplest thing like brushing my teeth were a nightmare. I am a perfectionist and I ended up in tears many many times a day and would not leave the house as I was upset with my appearance.
    I am now ambidextirous and have a scar across the knuckles of my right hand to remind me of 3 weeks of tars, frustrations and the time I was the sloppiest dresser I have ever been!!!!!

  38. I have been on Corticosteroid medication twice a day since 2004 and whenever I get run down or vomit I end up in hospital being pumped full of Cortisone drips. Anyway the constant use of the steroids has weakened my muscles, teeth, bones. This caused my left Achilles Tendon to rupture spontaneously in 2006. They did a complete reconstruction of my Achilles which lasted 12 months before snapping again….this time they had to fuse my ankle for stability. I spent 7 months in a wheelchair because my right Achilles has tendonitis and I wasn’t allowed to put weight on that one ad the steroid meds make me heal very slowly plus somehow a bone broke during healing, which added another 2 months to me being wheelchair bound. I realised how much I took the simple act of getting up and going to the loo anytime I needed for granted.

  39. I dislocated my knee and back then it was common practice to strap the knee rigid which meant I couldn’t use crutches, drive or walk far. I had no way to get my groceries, go to work or do anything for 6 weeks and have never felt so alone and stuck in my life.

  40. After my fourth child was born, I had a stroke, which has left me with permanent injuries. But it could so easily have been so much worse – even more debilitating or even deadly – and I remain grateful for the opportunity to watch my children grow up and to spend time with my husband. Even in the face of the things my injuries now limit or prevent, those are two huge privileges to be grateful for.

  41. I tore a muscle in my leg whilst working out at the gym. I was out of action for months and put on 3 kilograms that I had previously lost. 🙁

  42. I had a prolapsed disc in my back to walk long distances I needed a wheelchair, to walk even a few steps I needed a crutch and suffered agony as my body weight went all down my leg on the sciatic nerve it was agony for months. I ended up having to stop work and have it operated on never again will I take mobility for granted. You don’t realize how much you rely on being able to move around until you are grounded

  43. Trying to loose weight I went from walking 3 km to 6 km then got up to 10km which I walked every day for 7 days. My hip was sore latter that day and I thought I’d pulled a muscle in my groin.My GP said it was arthritis and took more interest in my throat/chest infection which I had to see him twice more that week for. By Friday I could hardly move and was given strong pain killers. I got around my flat by pulling myself along the walls/furniture or using 2 broomsticks as crutches. By the monday morning I couldnt get back in bed.I had to be taken by ambulance to the local hospital but couldnt be x rayed until the next day where it was then discovered I’d broken my hip from over exercise. I was sent to Armidale for surgery and spent 4 months housebound with home care services and hire equipment.I can now sympathise with those who are disabled/elderly having to use a walker and assistance for showering/dressing.I’m thankful I can walk again now.

  44. My spine in my neck was moved into opposite position after a car accident so now I have permanent pain. But I always do stuff to forget it. And I get massages all the time

  45. when i was 26 i had my first baby. when bub was 7 weeks old, hubby ,bub and i went to an island for a celebration. it was raining and i slipped on steps while carrying my child. Over the next few days my pain got so bad that i was crying (which i didn’t do in labour) and the doc gave me an mri which revealed that i had 2 herniated discs. The doc wanted to give me an epidural to mask the pain but it was super risky and i would have to be so careful not to injure myself more,( while not feeling the pain) so in my situation, i opted out. I spent 5 months laying down. i couldn’t stand up straight so hubby had to help me shower, dress etc. i couldn’t take care of my baby or even hold her so i had to just lay next to her and rest her on my chest. So tough when you are supposed to be bonding with your child. I don’t have family here so i would have to call hubby to come home every time the baby needed changing. I got really fed up of not being able to move as even just trying to roll over in bed had me shaking and crying. I had to use a chair to help me stand and i forced myself to hold onto it in the shower and just rehabillitated myself. Those were some really dark days but i got through it.

  46. Severe osteo-arthritis saw me have surgery to remove a bone from the base of my thumb. 6 weeks of wearing a plaster cast and not driving, and learning to do things one-handed had me chomping at the bit to have two working hands. The day after I had the plaster cast removed, I slammed my other thumb in the car door, so had two virtually unusable hands. Everyday activities that I took for granted. that I now have hideous trouble managing include doing up bras, pulling my knickers up, holding a cup of coffee, and anything that requires any sort grip strength in my thumbs. The only bonus is that I’m totally unable to do any housework, and I ain’t missing that one little bit.

  47. Playing volleyball at our local competiton and I hit the ball incorrectly hurting my left thumb at the base. My husband who was running the comp says youll be right, no biggy after I asked for ice. Next day my hand was black and as we are self employed, no work for me for a week. Serves him right, at least he found out the hard way how much I do!

  48. I love reading, and though Parkinsons has disrupted my life for the past seven years physically, reading great novels keeps me sane!

  49. I once had a broken shoulder, giving me a new appreciation for being blessed with 2 arms both of which usually work well. The difficulty sleeping and then against a background of fatigue, trying to do housework and gardening with 1 hand and depend on someone else to drive me places, was a truly humbling experience.

  50. About two years ago I broke my foot and I was surprised at how much it affected daily life. Having a shower was difficult because I had to tape it up, taking stairs or catching a bus was tricky. I really started wishing I owned a car! The support I got for a minor injury was great. Bus drivers would let me on for free, colleagues would offer to get me lunch and friends would pick me up. It really made me realise how much support people can offer.

  51. I haven’t been so unlucky to experience this but reading all the other comments I am now enlightened and realize how horrible it would be

  52. It wasn’t an injury but a long term immune issue – for a while I could hardly walk and it really made me appreciate the little things that in the past I’d taken for granted. Luckily its all under control now but I never now take my health for granted.

  53. when i was in Vietnam a few years ago i fell and tripped on the tiles in the shower and broke my arm trying to soften the fall.
    it’s true that you take for granted the things you are able to do when all your limbs are working but when i couldn’t do the most basic of things like tie my shoelaces and shower with only 1 hand i understood the meaning of patience and not taking anything for granted again

  54. THANK YOU SO MUCH – I am absolutely thrilled to have been selected as one of the 5 winners of Leap of Faith. It appealed to me immediately and I was so hoping I would be fortunate enough to win a copy.

    Thank you so much, Michelle and Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to enter this competition. My congratulations to the other 4 winners and to everyone who entered may I say how much inspiration was gained through the entries. Thanks again – one very happy reader!

    1. Thanks so much, Mandy. You can imagine my delight when I got Michelle’s email letting me know I’d won one of the books. I appreciate your congratulations.

  55. Books and reading are and always have been one of my passions. I was completely thrilled to win one of the copies of Leap of Faith which I enjoyed very much. Michelle’s review is perfect, as usual – I’ve never know any one who can review a book so thoroughly as Michelle does, without spoiling the book in any way for those yet to read it.

    I still haven’t worked out whether Jessica was meant to be as clueless as she was at times or whether Fiona McCallum “let her get away on her.” As much as I enjoyed the book I wanted to scream at Jessica more than once – who in their right mind desperately wants to become pregnant but continues to use pain killers daily??? The other part that I found strange was that Jessica didn’t need to have an x-ray either before or after the plaster was removed from her broken ankle. My orthopaedic specialist would have a fit!!! Jessica does “grow” and mature through handling her difficulties and appreciating her loved ones.

    I loved the way the animals were drawn, each becoming a character in their own right and Faith, the horse Jessica’s husband rescues is portrayed beautifully. The ending was relatively obvious but it was done well and tied the rest of the story together.

    As Michelle has given such an extensive review I don’t feel it necessary to add more to the story line. It is a book for many ages, especially those who love animals. I am very grateful to Beauty and Lace and Harlequin Enterprises, the publishers, for the opportunity of owning this book which has such a wide audience appeal. Thank you.

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