Book Review and Giveaway: Broken Juliet

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Author: Leisa Rayven
ISBN: 9781743532171
RRP: $24.99

Recently I read Bad Romeo, the debut novel by Leisa Rayven, and it left me wanting the follow up so when it arrived on my desk I couldn’t leave it sitting.

Broken Juliet picks up right where Bad Romeo left off and throws us right back onto the roller coaster ride that was the relationship between Cassie and Ethan.

Cassie and Ethan are standing on opposite sides of her apartment door, all of us waiting to see if she will open it and let him in.
This is a sequel and continues the story millions loved in Bad Romeo but there is enough back story that you will enjoy this one as a stand-alone too.

Broken Juliet takes us through the end of rehearsals and well into the play’s season. At the same time we travel through their time at The Grove Academy, from the end of their first year right through to graduation.

Rayven still writes from Cassie’s point of view but we get a more reliable insight into Ethan’s character when he opens himself wholly to Cassie by handing over all of his journals. Some of the entries make their way into the book.

The tables are turned in Broken Juliet with Cassie being emotionally closed off and Rayven explores the opposite dynamic to their relationships of the past, with the big difference that it is Ethan who has broken Cassie.

The story was beautifully written and the shifts in time were helped retain the flow rather than make the story disjointed.

broken juliet

Our Star-crossed lovers have a connection neither can deny, nor ignore, but Cassie has been shattered one time too many and isn’t sure there would be any pieces to put back together again if she gives Ethan another chance. Now that they are a little older and distanced from their past it is easier to recognize the connection is so much deeper than just passion.

Both Ethan and Cassie are completely different people to the college kids we met in Bad Romeo. Ethan has found patience and calm; he has worked on his issues and knows that he will do whatever it takes to have Cassie back in his life. Cassie on the other hand has shut down emotionally; she’s a smoking, swearing queen of the one night stand heavily protected in the fortress she has built around her heart.

One of the great things about this duet is that there is no guaranteed happily ever after, there’s no riding off into the sunset and you can only hope that it isn’t going to end in the same dramatic fashion as the original Romeo and Juliet. Rayven paints their picture so beautifully that you can’t help but hold out hope that they will get their happily ever after.

Cassie makes some unprofessional choices and even though you want to be outraged you find yourself mentally cheering her on and completely understanding her motivation.

The banter, the snark and the wit brings a lightness to this read that may otherwise be missing; it makes for a book that I did not want to put down. The angst and self-sabotage was at times quite painful to watch though I’m sure something most of us will be able to relate to, at least to some extent.

Where Bad Romeo was all about steamy anticipation, Broken Juliet has steam in spades. Cassie and Ethan are the leads in the play so there is plenty of physical contact on stage, and as we explore the past there is plenty of intimacy that we get a birds-eye view of to fully understand how they came to be who and where they are in the present.

Leisa Rayven has done a beautiful job of completing the story of Cassie and Ethan, we have been able to see them at their best and at their worst while we watch their separate evolutions.

Broken Juliet is a love story riddled with tragedy that will make you laugh and your heart ache for the pain of the characters and an ending that I am not going to spoil. Definitely well worth a read and what better way to spend a wet windy autumn day.

Broken Juliet is Book #18 for the Australian Women Writers Challenge 2015.

You can find Leisa on Facebook, Twitter and her Website.

Broken Juliet is available in good bookstores and from Pan Macmillan.

Thanks to Pan Macmillan we have 3 sets of the Starcrossed duo to giveaway to our readers. For your chance to win a copy of both Bad Romeo and Broken Juliet tell us in the comments below about your favourite starcrossed love story.

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23 thoughts on “Book Review and Giveaway: Broken Juliet

  1. I just finished Bad Romeo as well, after being lucky enough to score an advanced copy! I’m very intrigued to hear what happens next.. And so far that’s been my favourite star crossed lovers scenario

  2. It sounds a bit cliche but definitely Romeo and Juliet – I love shakespeare every since I first read his plays in High School and I love the stories from olden times

  3. My favourite star crossed love story is the superb Romeo and Juliet. It is said that there relationship was doomed from the start. I would like the opportunity to read this highly recommended book. I believe this novel is filled with delicious tension that make your toes curl and your heart race. This sounds and looks like a brilliant read.

  4. i met my partner after he replied to an ad i put out and it was love at first sightwhen we met for the first time and we have been together now for over 17 years

  5. Antony and Cleopatra: a legend that has stood the test of time and still fascinated today. Two great rulers who despite everything they had could not have the happy ever after story, their love fuelled conflict and eventually they both lost their lives because of it. I’d love to know how much of the tale is really true.

  6. I was going for a modern twist like Bella and Edward from Twilight. Forbidden love, they are from two different species but they still end up together.

  7. Helen of Troy and Paris, I would love to think that she wasnt abducted but ran away with her one true love Paris. Many wars have been started over love perhaps this is the most famous, or most misunderstood! I like to think it was the later and would love to have been so in love that someone would risk everything so that we could be together.

  8. The note book was a fantastic tale of star-crossed lovers and one which made my heart race in excitement and break.

  9. WUTHERING HEIGHTS comes immediately to mind. So much passion and pain. Oh Heathcliff and Cathy!!!

  10. Titantic. Jack and Rose’s love was doomed from the beginning. An aristocrat and poor artist….and of course, a ship that sunk!

  11. Lincoln and Violet in Jessica Shirvington’s Embrace. So much chemistry but everything is against them. I love Aussie authors!

  12. Im yet to read a good starcrossed love story.
    But, I’m hoping to be picked to review these awesome sounding books….. I love to curl up with a good book and a cuppa…..ohhh and no kids around.. Being on disability it is the only thing i can enjoy without over doing it or costing me a fortune….
    so, im crossing everything and everyone in hope…
    especially with winter here….lots of days to curl up with a good book…:D

  13. Flirting with boss’s son, getting inside juicy gossip. When flowers arrived signed from him, I was flabbergasted as doing the work experience at funeral home, but I went on a date and 12 years later we are still together.

  14. Inspector Thomas Lynley and his (eventual) wife Helen from Elizabeth George’s mystery series. This is a modern story of star crossed lovers… two people who seemed meant to be, but she left him for his best friend… and then he fought to win her back… she finally succumbed, and then the final gut wrenching twist which quite literally had me in tears. The story of their star crossed love affair runs through multiple mystery stories, and is all the more powerful for being only one element of the story. Because that’s how it usually is in real life – you have other stuff to deal with as well. And I don’t think a mystery story has ever brought me to tears before. Utterly devastating, truly romantic, and yet realistic too.

  15. Romeo and Juliet..the original star crossed love story. I could watch this movie over and over

  16. You can’t go past the heated and twisted love triangle between Jacob, Bella and Edward in Twilight. Those foreboding intoxicating eyes of Edward would win anyone over. Rivotting romance, action packed drama and that underlying theme of risking life and limb for forbidden love. Ahh, it melts a girl’s heart.

  17. I loved Clare and Jamie in Outlander (otherwise known as crossstitch) by Diana Gabaldon, I read them and re read the series years later. I was thrilled when the dvd came out

  18. I would have to say my all time favourite star crossed loves would be Rose and Noah from Temptation book series. Loved the Amish vs non Amish lifestyle impacting on their relationship. This set of lovers have stayed with me for some time and remind me very much of Romeo & Juliet with a twist.

  19. Romeo and Juliet is of course the classic tale of star-crossed lovers, but I would love to read Leisa Rayven’s modern version in Bad Romeo and Broken Juliet.

  20. I would have to go with Buffy and Angel how many tangled love stories include, “let’s eat the one you love”

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