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Author: Jane Green
ISBN: 978-1-4472-5869-8
RRP: $29.99

Emma Montague was born and bred in the English countryside to an extreme extrovert with delusions of grandeur and an introvert, she grew up knowing she was loved but feeling out of place nonetheless. She was living the life that was expected of her, until she realised that she’d well and truly had enough and took a job in New York City.

Five years in finance in New York is enough for Emma to realise this is not the life she wants to live. A sea change is what she needs so she packs up her New York life for a beach cottage in Westport, Connecticut. An opportunity to take a step back and discover what it is that she wants from her life. Not what is expected from her life but what she actually wants.

The cottage she rents is not somewhere she could feel comfortable, unless she can make some changes. This cottage could be perfect to start exploring her passion for interior design and finally have her own garden.

The landlord is a sexy local who was born and bred in the little town of Westport, with no desire to ever live anywhere else. Dominic is a bartender, local handyman and single father.


Emma and Dominic are polar opposites in pretty much every way. She has an upper-crust English background while Dominic is very much working class but I think the biggest difference is Dominic is extremely comfortable and confident in his own skin and his own life. Emma is still very caught up in the expectations of her parents, even though she is working hard to find her own way and not be driven by those expectations.

Falling is a novel of self-discovery, both for Emma and for Dominic. Dominic is already far down his path of self-awareness but we learn about the journey he has taken. Emma has decided to pave her own way but she needs to find what it is that will bring her happiness.

I have always believed that when you stop looking you will find what it is you seek, whether it be the pesky lost remote or the love of your life. I had a string of relationships, at least one of which I thought could have been the one, that ended and left me deciding that was it. It was time for me to spread my wings on my own, find my own place in the world as a single woman and create my own happiness… and it was then that I met the man I would marry, when a relationship was the last thing on my mind.

The whole finding love in the unlikeliest of places does feel quite realistic and totally possible to me so I can understand the way this one played out.

The story is well paced, the setting is beautiful and the twist is a tear jerker. The chemistry is subtle, I knew it was there but more because it was talked about than I could actually feel it.

Emma is finding her feet with her passion for interior design so this plays quite a large role in the narrative so there’s lots of design descriptions that at times feel a little bit much but it fits with the exploration of a new passion.

For the most part quite a feel good story about finding your own way in the world, finding what’s right for you and learning to move past expectations and your past.

Thanks to Pan MacMillan 10 of our Beauty and Lace club members will be reading and reviewing Falling so please be aware there may be spoilers in the comments.

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10 thoughts on “Book Club: Falling

  1. Falling is an interesting book. On reading the cover notes I was expecting your standard city girl meets country boy, romance ensures and they all live happily ever after. The answer is yes and no in the case of Falling.

    Falling is set in Westport, Connecticut, Emma leaves her high-powered New York City banking job and rents a beach cottage from Dominic, a single father living in the house next door. She is also moving into a new career in design and this plays a large part of the story. As you would expect though the relationships are problematic.

    As the relationship develops between Dominic and Emma, she is also building a strong connection with his son, Jesse. There is drama! Drama I wasn’t really expecting.

    Initially I wasn’t sure I was enjoying this book as much as I wanted to. Emma felt a little forced and the story wasn’t grabbing me as I had hoped. Maybe it was the design suff. What I did enjoy, was that while most of the novel is told from Emma’s view, occasionally its told from another character. A nice touch!

    But the last section of the book – wow – what a rollercoaster! Everything changes and the story goes to places I wasn’t expecting. And tears. A good read for anyone who loves this genre!

  2. Falling was a good read, a romance and a journey. You follow Emma through her leaving a world she has always known; banking, designer clothing, competition, shallow relationships and expectations, to a world of endless possibilities. The story starts as she is taking her life into her own hands, moving to the Suburb (Westport, Conneticut) from the big apple (New York). She expected the move would bring her a new life but she never thought that her move would bring so much more, romance, drama, a family.
    You follow Emma’s story, and that of her “landlord” Dominic, as their lives begin to entwine themselves together. Mostly you are following Emma through her insecurities, her worries, her ever changing mind challenging her to be happy while she’s sure she is not deserving. And just when she thinks that life is on track, the problems of the past hiding or behind her a twist in the plot changes everything.
    If you said you’d never had the same thoughts of the insecurities in your life you’d be lying, which means everyone, every gal, would associate and relate to the trials and tribulations of Emma. Not always my favourite kid of novel, I was very happily pleased with the book, an enjoying read and a nice break from the realities of my own grind. If only I had the strength and confidence Emma had when she left her known world!!!

    A good read – try it, you too will be pleasantly drawn in.

  3. Falling A Love Story By Jane Green

    Emma leaves England to work in New York, where she is successful in her job in the world of finance. After some years she decides to leave her all consuming job. She moves to a small town near the beach and rents a cottage, where she is able to pursue her interest in interior design and gardening.

    Her landlord is Dominic, a singe father of a 6 year old son.
    Emma finds herself falling for Dominic. He is not the sort of person she would normally date, and she is not the sort of person he would normally date!

    The love story is their love story, her insecurities and worries as their relationship develops . It is a journey of self discovery for her. She is English from an upper class family he is American from a dramatic Italian family. He has a child, she has no experience with children. Their ex partners appear.

    Does their love grow with all their differences?

    To find out the rest of their story you need to read the book! I enjoyed the book and would recommend it, you must keep reading, even if you find it a bit slow going as the ending is a total surprise!

  4. Falling is a beautiful romance about Emma and Dominic falling in love and working through the issues as their relationship evolves. Many times they question, many times resolving to work through their differing backgrounds believing that no matter what, their love for each other is all that matters. Families differ as Emma comes from an English background, but in her heart knows she does not fit into her parents lifestyle. Dominic is a man with a simple easy going lifestyle, raising his son on his owe and this in itself causes relationship questioning. I love this story, I love the characters and love the many times I felt it all coming together. Be ready for love, insecurities and tears. Read the story, love the characters and delight in the way Jane Green has written the novel.

  5. Falling is a beautifully written story by Jane Green.

    Emma is a corporate slave and decides to leave the big city behind to find a quieter life. In the process she find love. Love with complications.

    This book has a lovely rhythm and I really enjoyed the story with its twists and turns. I won’t lie.. I may have shed a tear when it finished.

    Thanks for the opportunity to review. x

  6. Falling by Jane Green was is a contemporary romance that was filled with entertaining moments and fun. , banter and maybe a tear or two and a massive what the heck twist towards the end.

    I would recommend to all who love a romance with a unpredictable ending. Not necessarily the end all would want . But non the less closure.

    The story flowed easily.. Not always the dialogue, But The concept and story line was enjoyable and kept me interested. However – Not enough romance for me 😀 more so an insta love . That progressed very fast for me. . A rushed ending and what the heck ending but I finished and I was still reining from the overall twist.

    Couldn’t always relate to the characters. But did enjoy the banter with Dominic and Emma. Two unlikely characters that didn’t quiet seem to mesh. But did at times.

    The authors writing was crisp and sharp just the deliverance fell a little short for the true romantic in me haha.

    Definitely give this story a go . Certainly has some great moments in between the pages 😀

  7. Reading “Falling” was like catching up with an old friend. It is very easy to read, and you end up engrossed in the storyline
    It is a story of new beginnings: Emma has left her secure, well paid job. She falls on her feet when she finds her new home, new job, new love and her place in the world
    Love doesn’t run smoothly, but this book is full of feel good moments.
    This is a book to be read in the bath with a glass of something cold

  8. Falling by Jane Green

    I simply loved this book I just couldn’t put it down, it feels like a your regular romance novel when there is a sudden twist that I really didn’t expect!

    I simply loved reading about Emma and Dominic and their two very different upbringings colliding, their story really makes you believe that love can conquer all!

    Personally I found the ending to be a bit abrupt I would have liked to have been able to read more about Emma

  9. This book was such a good read, it was a beautiful love story and life story of two main characters. It showed the reader that dreams do come true when you are least expecting them to, I couldnt put the book down was just what i needed to read.

  10. Have to be honest i’m a mushy type of person i read half the book in one sitting and couldn’t wait to get back to it the design the exs the friends the finding yourself i loved every minute then boom – didn’t see that twist have to say i felt as great a read that it was i wanted more i expected some closure that didn’t come – will there be a follow up ?? I sure hope so !

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