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Author: Les Zig
ISBN: 978-1-925700-03-9
RRP: $29.99
Publication Date: 1st September 2018
Publisher: Pantera Press
Copy: Courtesy of the Publisher

August Falling is a story of choices, acceptance and learning to be ourselves.

My media release says Les Zig’s writing is sharp, honest and incisive, so real in parts it will make you flinch. Zig has the unique ability to pull real, human truths from the ordinary and everyday.

August is trying to piece his life back together after a bad relationship. It’s not perfect but do any of us really have the perfect life? He lives in a small flat, works in a call centre, is struggling to finish the book he’s working on and he’s socially challenged around women.

Enter Julie, everything that August isn’t. Confident, composed and purposeful even after a troubled childhood. And finally August feels he can be himself.

Except that Julie has a past and it’s one that is going to test August and his ability to love unconditionally.

I don’t know what I expected when I picked up this book, before reading the synopsis, but I’m not sure this is it. It sounds like it could be quite an engaging read and I look forward to picking it up.

In the meantime 25 of our Beauty and Lace Club members are reading August Falling thanks to Pantera Press and I look forward to hearing what they think. Please be aware there may be spoilers in the comments below.

24 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: August Falling

  1. An engaging book and something unexpected.

    Poor August has a bad breakup (haven’t we all).. he meets Julie, she is confident and full of life. After reading the blurb on the back cover, I kept waiting for Julie’s secret to reveal itself. Well that was a surprise! Usually you can get a feel for the ‘secret’ but I was surprised with this one.

    August has to look within himself to see if he can get past Julie’s history and love her for who she really is.

    I found August falling an engaging read, hard to put down and a book I would happily recommend. Thanks for the opportunity to review.

  2. Thankyou Beautyandlace ,Pantera Press and Les Zig for the opportunity to read and review August Falling. This book would not be one I would have chosen off the shelf which says a lot for not judging a book by its cover. BUT I really enjoyed this book and I was sorry to finish it
    I fell in love with August, he is so insecure and a lot of the time his worst enemy, After a disastrous marriage August blames himself for everything that happened and so taking these insecurities into every relationship he talks it into failing.
    A no end job,a very overprotective sister, and no social life or inviting living conditions
    August is in a deep black hole. Along comes Julie and although she has secrets and problems of her own she is very fond of and supportive of August even though he fights everything good that comes his way.
    Thought provoking and a very good story I would recommend August Falling .

  3. We meet August when he is absolutely miserable and chronically depressed following an obviously traumatic breakup some time ago with his partner. There’s also a mystery, something regarding the breakup is not quite right. August’s working in a call centre, which in itself is also fairly miserable, as people heap abuse on him as he cold calls for charitable donations. He’s inept in social situations and surrounded by people equally inept, apart from his twin sister, who is pretty much his lifeline. He’s instantly attracted to Julie, another customer at the café where he has lunch, and manages – spectacularly ineptly – to make contact with her. She is lovely, and to his astonishment she doesn’t seem to mind how much of a loser he is. His life slowly begins to get back on track, just from her simple acceptance. Suddenly, just when things are really going well, August is blindsided with an unexpected moral dilemma of huge proportions, something every average person would probably struggle with – and the struggle is real. The book goes into this with graphic and explicit detail, way out of my comfort zone. 3 stars only because I couldn’t cope with the subject matter, but others will find it gripping.

  4. August Falling. He was a shy guy looking for love but he was always so hard on himself about his job and about life.
    I would recommed this book it will get you think about how people do react to his life of hurts.

  5. Thank you for selecting me to read August Falling written by Les Zig
    The first line in the book said “ This is not a love story “
    August Priddy is the main character he is recovering from a recent bad relationship August is a shy awkward man working in a call centre he has a twin sister who does look out for him
    He meets a lady called Julie and wow his life is on track again and all is going well until ( no spoilers ) Julie’s secret is revealed and what a secret it is
    Julie has a past as we all do, August has to try and get over what he discovers about Julie ( no spoilers )
    Nice easy book to read and quite thought provoking as to how the reader would deal with theses circumstances

  6. Thank you Beauty and Lace ,Pantera Press and Les Zig for the opportunity to read and review August Falling.
    It says at the very beginning, ‘This is not a love story’, but to me it is. Full of past hurts and betrayals, new lust which could become love, secrets and lies. It’s about the main character, August, growing, moving forward and learning to love himself.
    The ‘secrets’ are very thought provoking., and really make you ask yourself, ‘how would you cope with it’. I literally was hooked from the first page, and found myself still reading into the early hours, until it was finished.
    This is only the second novel for Les Zig, and I am now on the hunt for his first, and I look forward to reading any future releases.
    Well written, thought provoking and all about growing as a person and loving yourself. 5/5 from me.

  7. Thank you Beauty and Lace for choosing me to read August Falling by Les Zig.
    The story was interesting and I found myself wondering what was going to happen.
    The main characters were engaging and though flawed quite likeable.
    However I didnt like the crude language and strong focus on sex scenes. This was a problem for me but probably not for others.
    Overall it was a well written and thought provoking story.

  8. This isn’t a love story….

    Well it is and it isn’t!!! The first line of the book sets you up for a ride! We follow the journey of August through his disasterous end of marriage to his new infatuation, Julie.
    The book doesn’t feel like a fairytale. It is raw with real emotions of depression, lust and low self esteem.
    The ending doesn’t go the way I thought and in that sense the first sentence comes true to its word.
    I would recommend this to my friends as it’s very well written.

  9. A story of hope and acceptance
    Les Zig’s second book ‘August Falling’ explores the daily challenges facing the protagonist, August Priddy. After a painful break up, August is plagued by his insecurities and is struggling to move forward in life. The story examines the highs and low that surface as he attempts to face these trials.
    We follow the struggles August is faced with and we see how he manages each of these by drawing on his own personal experiences, past and present. This book gives the reader a reminder that life is fragile and precious and we are constantly faced with uncertainties. There are no guarantees in life. It is up to us to appreciate and accept all that is offered from life’s beauty.
    We all have a past that shapes and moulds us and this is illustrated through the development of the main characters of the story. Zig encourages the reader to look beyond the surface value of people and relationships and the story explores how easy it is for humans to be judgemental.
    It’s a novel that focuses on the importance of self acceptance and having a growth mindset – a development of understanding that each persons journey is unique and at any given time, the point a person is at, is a result of the complexity of their own particular personal experiences and relationships.
    I would recommend ‘August falling’ to adults of all ages. Les Zig has successfully explored how the human psyche combined with environmental factors influence the choices we make and the individual we become.

  10. This is not a love story. Rather it is a story about finding yourself.
    Meet August, heartbroken and depressed after a breakup working in a call centre and trying to find to overcome the insecurities that plague his life.
    He is also trying to finish a book.
    Then he meets Julie…. No it’s not a love story.. its a story about two people who find they still have to overcome their past experiences to move forward in their lives.
    their lives intertwine but this doesn’t end in the way you would normally assume.
    ok, So Julie and August meet and things go really well until August discovers Julie’s secret. It derails him, leaves him to examine what he really wants and how he perceives others.
    No it’s not a love story and the ending leaves you thinking very hard about personal choices and how we deal with curveballs in our lives.
    This was an easy, thought provoking reading but one i really enjoyed.
    Thanks to the author Les Zig, Pantera Press and Beauty and Lace for the privilege of reading this book.

  11. August Falling is Australian author Les Zig’s second novel, following his debut, Just Another Week in Suburbia, which was shortlisted for the Hachette Manuscript Development Program. Les Zig’s latest novel is a strong composition, marked by well defined characters and thought provoking themes. August Falling would be an ideal book club choice, as there are a plethora of themes and ideas to discuss. There is a great set of accompanying book club notes at the close of the book, which would support book club discussions.

    When I read a book I always like to absorb the acknowledgements section. I noted in August Falling that the author of this novel Les Zig, sites the influence of an Australian author I absolutely love, Kim Lock, in the building process of August Falling. It sent a sense of excitement through me and I was definitely very enthusiastic about delving into this one. I also love to discover new Australian authors, so August Falling had great initial appeal.

    I got a strong feeling of Graeme Simsion as I read August Falling, if you are a fan of his work (I am) I’m sure this novel which sit well with you. Zig’s lead protagonist August has shades of Don Tillman, Simsion’s lead and the humour lines are markedly similar. August has a complicated and sad back story. He has been cut badly in the past and he now carries around a lot of baggage. August is quite flawed, he has trouble interacting and socialising with others. He also has a self defeatist attitude. It is good to see August blossom as the book progresses and step outside his comfort zone. Sometimes it is hard not to want to shake August in the decisions he makes. His single minded nature at times did get under my skin, but he has his endearing moments too. I particularly liked his relationship with his dear and caring sister Gen. I also enjoyed the narrative thread that revolves around August’s writing and his hopes for his book, it was an interesting touch.

    Supporting August are some memorable side characters and of course Julie, August’s love interest. When Julie enters to picture the book has a markedly changed outlook, which I liked. Julie is outlined well by Zig and her secret, which delivered a whopping plot twist, was quite unexpected on my behalf! The scenario Les Zig presents definitely makes the reader think once or twice about what they would do if they were placed in the same bind as August!

    As we are warned in the hooking first line of August Falling, this is no straightforward romance and walk in the park style love story. It opens up the wounds of love, lust and relationships. There are scabs, nasty ones, but there is also hope and opportunities for change. The dialogue and sense of realism, an almost no holds back style of exploring modern relationships from a refreshing male point of view, was very much welcomed by this reader. I think there needs to be more of this style of modern life drama out in the book world. So kudos to Les Zig for carving out a niche in the publishing world. I also appreciated the conclusion to this novel, it isn’t predictable and it is very much suited to the overall direction of this novel.

    A word of warning, unfortunately a couple of aspects in this novel didn’t quite work for me. August Falling contains some graphic sex scenes, but I was able to see that these sequences were in keeping with the direction of the novel. I also had some trouble with placement of explicit language in places, particularly the use of the c-word. Although this isn’t to my personal taste, some readers will be able to overlook this issue.

    My final verdict? August Falling is an introspective tale and it offers a very contemporary glance at a man reconciling his past, present, future and belief system. The writing is fresh and sharp. I look forward to exploring more books from Les Zig in the near future.

    *I wish to thank Beauty & Lace Book Club/Pantera Press for a copy of this book for review.

  12. August Falling is an engaging read about life’s ups and downs and dealing with your own personal demons.

    After suffering a nasty breakup, August is left heartbroken and at odds with the rest of the world and most importantly, himself. He meets Julie who is confident, amazing and just what he needs to help him piece his life back together, but Julie has a secret from her past that threatens their future.

    The author, Les Zig has written this story beautifully. His words are truthful and very much in touch with humanistic behaviour. I haven’t read many books with a male protagonist but I was drawn into August’s character and I was very much surprised with Julie’s secret. Les expertly explores the issues of depression, self-acceptance as well as the issue of judging others. There were a few sexual scenes and use of obscene language that some readers may find offensive, but I think Les did very well exploring a modern relationship from a male perspective.

    Thank you Beauty and Lace and Pantera Press for the opportunity to read August Falling. This is a novel I enjoyed and recommend to other readers.

  13. August Falling. This book was a surprise, August is a painfully shy guy who has found himself reeling from a bad break up, plodding along in his hum-drum job until he meets Julie. Life turns around for him.
    August starts to find hope and a bit of happiness, he gets his mojo back for writing and starts working on his novel again. Things are looking up.

    Until secrets of Julie’s past surface derailing August. It’s an easy read I would recommed this book as it will get you to think about how people react to the roller coaster of life’s highs and lows.

  14. I really enjoyed Las Zig’s August Falling. August is a quirky but loveable character and after learning about his past the reader begins to understand some of his anxiety and state of mind. Julie however is my favourite, having had a tragically sad start to life she just keeps going, doing what she has to to get by, rising from the ashes time and again like the phoenix emblazoned on her back. I must admit I did not pick her secret at all, but after the surprise and learning the back story it made more sense. I admire her grit and determination and I do hope that August and Julie may meet again in the future.

    Thanks Beauty and Lace for the chance to read and review this thought provoking book.

  15. August is stuck in small unit, stuck in job he really doesn’t enjoy and stuck in the middle of writing and finishing his novel. He has been this way since his wife left him with what he thought was his son, later to find out through a paternity test that he isn’t, after 4 years of marriage.
    He then meets Julie, confident and beautiful and totally taken by him. But Julie has a secret that throws August for a six when he finds out…..
    A fantastic easy read that I thouroughly enjoyed and reccomend and had me wanting more when it ended. . Thanks Beauty and Lace for letting me read August Falling by Les Zig

  16. August Falling by Les Zig is an honest yet raw account of a man’s struggle with himself and his thoughts when life throws him into darkness.

    August Falling allows us to see into the minds eye of a young man whos insecurities weigh heavily after a marriage break up, and finally deciding to give love a chance, a shocking discovery sends him spinning back into the darkness.

    I was a bit apprehensive at first, not really sure if it was my kind of book but ultimately I could not put it down and thoroughly enjoyed the read. Highly recommended.

  17. Thanks to Beauty and Lace for selecting me to review this book.
    Well, this was a love story mixed in with insecurities, bad luck , misery and a touch of feeling sorry for myself.
    I can see how this book can appeal to some but not my type of read. There was too much repetition of the same sex scene and the book was not getting anywhere.

  18. A fiction book that can be so relatable to real life in many ways, people dealing with depression, wanting to find love and dealing with their past in order to move forward. Not a love story in sense many take a love story to be but a love story of a more realistic nature of this time. Julie’s secret was not what I was expecting and following the journey of August was enthralling a book hard to put down especially when it so relatable. I wouldn’t of picked this book normally but since Beauty and Lace I’m branching out and expanding my borders to what I read and I would recommend this book.

  19. August Falling is a story that gives a glance of August the main male character working on his past, future and all that comes with. The author delivers a strong story of one finding himself, This is not a love story for those after hearts and roses but a story of one man finding himself , meeting someone new and overcoming obsticles and two strangers starting a new adventure . They start off hot and fast full speed ahead and for some who are offended by graphic sexual nature and language this may not be for you . But for me it seems to entwine well with the flow of the story and atmosphere created by the author.

    Deep within the story is a darker side for August and Julia. Overcoming secrets and pasts . An ending that was not predictable but satisfying . I found this read enjoyable and some what very realistic .

  20. Unfortunately, I did find this novel a little hard to read. While it was an interesting novel with some thought provoking topics, it sadly wasn’t a novel I found myself finding it easy to read. It did lose me a few times, and found it hard to finish. This is in no way a reflection to how it was or how well it was written, but merely a preference problem. This just wasn’t a novel that I found I could read, and keep my interest.

  21. Thank you for choosing me
    At first I struggked to get into this book. Once I got into it I couldnt put it down. It was not your usual love story and was a book about lifes ups and downs.
    It follows August who is the main character who is struggling with a bad break up and as we do blames himself. He then meets Julie who has her own secrets which the way the book was written you will never guess.
    As I said at first I did not think this book was for me but i throughly enjoyed it and liked how it was not predictable.
    Well done.

  22. ‘This isn’t a love story. It involves love, and things related to love. But it’s not neat. It’s not easy.’ And so the book opens and we meet August Priddy. August has a had a shocker of a breakup. His life is a bit of a mess but then he meets someone. It’s going well, but then he learns a secret from her past and he’s not sure he can get past it.

    The past is not always easy to escape from, even when you think it’s over and dealt with.

    I enjoyed the book, made me think but also a little frustrated with August’s inability to move on at times. We can all make choices and this book is a reminder of that.

  23. I really enjoyed this book. I wouldn’t have chosen it off the shelf but I was surprised st how much I wanted to keep reading. The plot was very different to any other book I have read and the characters are very intriguing. I would say it is a love story but not a traditional one. Also a book of growth and reflecting on what society deems normal. Life is messy and unpredictable sometimes we need to learn to trust and just go with the flow and move forward the past is the past for a reason. Thank you for choosing me to review your book.

  24. August Falling is a story of needing acceptance, believing in hope and finally finding yourself. Les Zig opens your eyes to everything we deal with in life and how we let others judgment control our thoughts and how it can destroy you if you let it. He shows us to be careful and not become what we assume our partners and friends want to see. We often choose not always what we want for ourselves. How the choices we make cause a ripple effect of repercussions. Where the truth you have always known, hasn’t really been the truth we believed at all. Reading August Falling makes you take a long hard look at your own dark thoughts and makes you aware we are always hardest on ourselves.
    Although this is not a love story. It is a story of how love can be a destructive path.

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