Author Desk: Heather Reyburn

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Today we have author Heather Reyburn with us to share what’s on her desk, and tell us a bit about her workspace:

What’s on your desk?

  • My iMac computer (used almost exclusively for publishing)
  • a screen connected to my PC (Windows) laptop (for better visibility) which I use for writing and everything except publishing
  • the associated keyboards
  • my filing folders, notebook, diary, pens and journal
  • spare glasses and sticky notes.
heathers desk

What shouldn’t be on your desk? 

The pile of papers that should have been filed, magazines and resources used for books already written!

Why does this area motivate you? 

I love the outlook into the garden (inspirational) – and the room is far enough away from the living/kitchen areas to avoid distractions.

Are there any items of particular significance? 

Photos of my family and pets. They encourage and strengthen me.

How often do you spend in this workspace each day? 

Three to four hours on average – and up to seven when I have a deadline to meet!

2 thoughts on “Author Desk: Heather Reyburn

  1. I don’t think I have heard this author’s name before – racking my brains here. Awww I think I would like her as is that a border collie she has a pet?

    I do love seeing where the authors sit and do their outstanding work when creating novels for us readers. Her desk is very tidy.

    1. Thank you Amanda. Yes, that is a Border Collie – my favourite dog and the photo on the left is my beautiful “Lass” who passed away at the age of 15.
      I’m not always a tidy person – but my desk is very small and so I have no choice if I want to find things!
      I hope you have found my books now (available on all platforms) and enjoy visiting farm life in Australia and New Zealand (all with a happy ending).

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