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Desert Dawn
Author: Waris Dirie and Jeanne D’Haem

Caroline Outten is the Director of popular hair salon Hair Outaquin in Perth WA. This week we asked her about her favourite book of all time which is Desert Dawn by Waris Dirie and Jeanne D’Haem.

“An amazing book about a young girl becoming a woman. Coming from a traditional Somalian culture, not realising there is a world away from her nomad life with her family and the desert life she was brought up in.
It’s about the innocents of living in a country that influences all your beliefs and dreams. A far cry from our western world and how our children live and grow up. No understanding of the material world we live in.”

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“Without this book I would never have known how the other half live. She’s traditional and proud of where she has come from, but now wants to see equality and changes within her community. Making the world more aware helps to encourage understanding and development of old traditional ways. Female circumcision is a barbaric procedure which still today goes on, it may not be done with the primitive tools of yesteryear but still happens in private hospitals today. For the pure joy of brain washed men for their pleasure not their religion.”

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“I loved how this beautiful woman who didn’t realise she was beautiful has grown up and now fights to help her own people realise they are all special men and woman, and can achieve a future and not rely on mumbo jumbo beliefs but facts and actual life experiences to grow.

I loved it and encouraged my staff and clients to read it, most of my staff are female and I want them to realise how privileged they were to live in a society that woman could be equal if they worked hard and believed in themselves.”

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