The Great Dino Race

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I can’t imagine there would be many little boys out there who don’t love dinosaurs! The Great Dino Race from Hinkler Books is a really fun way to encourage a love of reading for toddlers – even those that find it hard to sit down and have quiet time.

It comes with funny looking “moveable eyes” that roll all over the place just by maneuvering with your fingers from the back of the book.

The story itself is about a prehistoric race with all kinds of trying to win first place. Among the contestants there is T-Rex – he is fierce but this is ultimately his downfall as he is distracted by a fight.

the great dino race

Pterodactyl has a flying advantage and poor old Stegosaurus is too slow to stand a chance.

Who will be the winner? Just like the hare and the tortoise the winner might not be who you expect! The drawings are detailed and the eyes really bring the story to life. The story is not too long so it will hold their interest, but enough to tell a good old tale.

With a new dinosaur on every page, your little guy will not be able to resist.

Available from all good bookstores.

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