The Beach Hut

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Author: Veronica Henry
ISBN: 978-140-911-9951
RRP: $22.99

Jane Milton doesn’t want to sell her much-loved beach hut at the gorgeous Everdene Sands beach in North Devon, but having been left only overwhelming debts by her late husband, she has no choice.

The beach hut has been in her family since it was built over 50 years ago, and is a place filled with years of memories, many happy and a few not.  Over Jane’s last summer at the hut we are introduced to a diverse cast of characters as they flock to Everdene Sands beach…

There’s Jane, who is struggling to come to terms with the fact that she has to sell the beach hut which has been in her family for more than half a century, Sarah, who is embarking on a torrid affair, Roy, who has helped out at the huts since they were first built, Harry, who is suffering from all the anguish of his first love, and many more.  Follow the comings and goings and loves and losses of a vast range of people over one long, hot summer…

the beach hut

Veronica Henry’s The Beach Hut is a hot summer read. It is a novel filled with interconnected short stories all set in a row of beach huts at Everdene Sands, a beautiful English beach in North Devon. The many exuberant stories are packed with love, lust, memories, hopes and dreams, and all feature realistic and relatable characters.

The people in the book are from a range of different lifestyles and backgrounds, and each has their own story to tell; illicit affairs, alcohol addiction and unrequited love are just a few of the reasons that they escape to the beach huts over the summer.

All of the short stories were interwoven and very cohesive, and are drawn together at the end. I felt that only one didn’t really fit in with the rest. I loved that the stories covered a range of different age groups and generations, from teenagers to 60+, and although I’m only young, I still enjoyed reading the stories featuring the older characters. I really felt like I was a part of the Everdene community, and loved each person’s story.

The Beach Hut is quite an easy and relaxing read, and I read it in one day. Although a lot of the themes in the book are kind of dark, the novel still retained a light and happy feel; it wasn’t depressing at all. All of the stories were interesting in their own way, and I liked the interactions between all of the various characters.

And there were a lot of characters! I think that this book is definitely more character-based than plot-driven, and although I like that sort of thing it’s not everyone’s cup of tea…

If you are looking for a refreshing steamy summer romp, then this is the perfect book for you! Filled with scandal, love, lust and much more, it’s a warm and light hearted novel which draws you in from the first chapter. Ideal to sit back with and read on the beach, it’s escapism at its best! It makes me wish I owned a beach hut. That, and more of Veronica Henry’s novels!

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