What a great location we have in Upper Plenty

One of the great aspects of staying in one of Annie’s Cedar Farm Cottages in Upper Plenty is that you can choose between visiting many of the surrounding attractions and events and join in with a lot of activities, or you can simply stay put.  You don’t have to leave here during your stay and  you will still enjoy your holiday.

As we are a working farm everyone can get involved with feeding the animals that include alpacas, cows, chickens and sheep.  There is nothing your kids will love more than being up close and personal with our animals.

Our location is perfect for getting the kids away from the computer and video games so they can experience the outdoors.  Make sure to bring a football, soccer ball or even a cricket set.  We have plenty of room to have your own footy grand final, a world cup for soccer or even a Twenty20 match if you are a cricket fan.  Maybe bring along your kite because  our wide and open spaces make is such fun to fly them in.

Also, don’t forget to bring along your runners or walking boots as you can go on many walks in the local bushland and surrounding areas.  In addition to all of our farm animals, there is a good chance you will see the local wild life such as kangaroos, wombats and birds.

Bring your camera along, too. as you are sure to get a spectacular photograph or if you are an artist bring your equipment and paint one of the many landscapes.

These are just some of things to enjoy while you stay in one of our cottages.  We are in such a great location that you can take it easy, enjoy the features with our location as you simply take it easy and have a well deserved break.

All about Chooks

Having chooks (chickens) can be great fun and there is nothing better than heading out to the coop in the morning to grab some freshly laid eggs to make into an omelette or maybe to poach for breakfast.

As strange as it may sound, chickens make great pets.  Just like a pet dog, cat or even a rabbit, once you get to know them you will find they have different personalities and characteristics.  This may be how they parade and strut around the yard, the different coloured feathers they have or even their quirky habits.  The added benefit of keeping chickens is the eggs.  Whereas the ones you probably have had from a supermarket may be several days or weeks old, the fresh organic eggs from your own backyard may only be minutes or hours old when you use them.  The difference in flavour will mean you are unlikely to ever buy another egg from a supermarket again.

Chooks also have an environmental benefit in they will eat many garden pests such as beetles, earwigs and grubs.  So not only will your plants be looked after, there will also be the added benefit of fertiliser to help them grow as well.

If this information has got you interested in caring for chickens at home, then pop over to Living Greener and you will find a bucket load of information about looking after your chooks.

These are some of our girls, scratching around happily and munching on fresh greens.  We love to hear them clucking away happily every day.  Come and see them when you stay at Annie’s Cedar Farm Cottages.  You can even help feed them.



Feeding the farm animals

Make sure you pack your gum boots when you visit us.  In addition to being an ideal place to get away from it all Annie’s Cedar Farm Cottages is also a working farm.


Our cows always seem to be hungry and our sheep are always looking for food.  The alpacas in the picture below had just been shorn.  They are easy and fun to feed and children love to see them because they are a bit unusual.


While we have a number of farm animals it is not unusual for other wildlife to be watching to see what is happening.   Especially in the surrounding areas you are likely to see kangaroos, echidnas, wombats, birds as well as native flora in the bushlands that are close by



Feeding the animals is a great activity, safe and perfect for you and your kids to join in and have some fun.  They will love the noises the animals make and laugh at the way they push in to get their food.  Children love being farmers for a while.  The fresh air is good for them and they will be ready for a good night’s sleep after all the fun.

As an alternative you may just want to simply sit back, take it easy and let others feed the farm animals as you sip on your champagne.