Small Blue Thing

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Author: S.C. Ransom
ISBN: 978-0-8576-3000-1
RRP: $15.99

S.C. Ransom has written an intriguing debut novel with a gripping ending that will leave you scrabbling for the sequel.

Small Blue Thing was written with a 12yr old audience in mind, though that doesn’t mean there is no enjoyment within these pages for an older audience.

Alex is a 17yr old girl, just finished with her exams and due to embark on an exciting summer adventure until she finds a bracelet in the mud of the Thames and her world turns on it’s axis.

Alex is an intelligent and practical girl who has never believed in the things she can’t see, so what happens when she finds that she can see the impossible?

S.C. Ransom has written a beautiful tale of love at first sight, certain to set every teenage girls heart to fluttering. A tale of love that is set to overcome overwhelming obstacles while still retaining a sense of innocence, a naivety that is so precious to nurture in our young teens.


Small Blue Thing is part one of a trilogy that will lead us through the romance of Alex and Callum; and having just finished it I am itching to get my hands on part two, Perfectly Reflected which has recently been released.

This novel is paranormal so there is a lot of content for which you need to suspend disbelief, having said that, the rest of the novel is realistic and had me thinking a lot about my teenage years ( it probably doesn’t help that I’m in the midst of a sentimental phase, I guess) and picturing how myself and my friends would compare to the behaviour of Alex and Grace.

I am sure that younger readers will be captivated by the depth of love and sense of romance that S.C. Ransom has captured between these two star crossed lovers. Older readers will be enthralled by the Dirges and the mechanics of their existence.

S.C. Ransom has definitely penned a tale that is going to cross generations and hook the imaginations of many. It isn’t all roses and chocolates though; Callum and Alex have more than their fair share of obstacles – topped off by their existence in different dimensions. They also have to contend with explanations for Alex’s friends and family, but even bigger than that is the Dirge’s that are not so happy with Callum’s new found happiness.

Small Blue Thing tells of the first true love of a girl and the ensuing heart break. A feeling that I’m sure we have all shared at some point in our journey through this life. So what choice would you have made if you were given the opportunity to erase all memories of your first heartbreak? And what of the consequences that decision may bring?

All of this is experience faced by Alex and Grace. Experience that those of us who have shared will empathise with and hope that the younger readers will never need suffer through.

Pick up Small Blue Thing by S.C. Ransom and embark on a sightseeing journey through London, visiting places that are special to the characters, the author and her target audience; places that are lovingly described in terms that will stimulate your imagination to recreate the images in your mind.

This is definitely a trilogy to watch and follow through to the end. I look forward to discovering more of S.C. Ransom’s poetic prose.

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