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Do you have a favourite book that you always go back to, or have you just read the next big thing? Our book reviewer Michelle is a super fast reader and is looking for your recommendations of what to read next!


Please add your comments below and tell Michelle what she should read! Tell us what it’s called, who it’s by and what it’s about…and most of all WHY you loved it!

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10 thoughts on “Recommend A Book

  1. I am nujood, age 10 and divorced- Nujood Ali with delphine minoui. This book is an amazing true story of a young girl with admirable courage. Although this book is quite sad to read with what nujood has gone through, her courage and determination are something worth reading. It shows how a young girl fought for the rights of herself and also by doing so encouraged many other young girls and women to do the same. Highly recommend to everyone to give this book a read 🙂

  2. I have already recommended this book to Michelle, and she has read it I think, but for everyone else – The Passage by Justin Cronin. Great read….a real page turner!
    Also, just finished Freedom by Jonathan Franzen…..enjoyed this immensely – it is a masterpiece of American fiction…following the interesting, if not crazy lives of a classic “nuclear’ family – the Berglunds. Like his earlier book The Corrections, which I absolutely loved, Franzen has again delivered an incisive critique of all things American – from politics and environmentalism through to family relationships and all the warts and all, in between.

  3. I think ‘Hush, Hush’ by Becca Fitzpatrick is a really good book, it’s supernatural themed, and is a great book. It has the protagonist, Nora, as the main person as it is in her perspective. The book goes through how at school their bio class have to change seats and the quite senior transfer, Patch, ends up being her new bio partner. Quite strangly, he has a fascination with Nora, and knows everything about her personality/type. Nora encounters some strange things, and ends up depending on Patch for help, as her best friend, Vee, hangs out with a boy, Elliot, that Nora is susspicious about committing the murder of his girlfriend, and cannot help Nora.
    Although this is not the best description, it was all I could write without giving too much of the plot and storyline away.

  4. House Rules by Jodi Piccoult. It had me in tears a story about the love and honour of a family,an autistic boy and his perception on life. It was heartwrenching and full of passion and intrigue.
    It moved me that one family can be torn apart but such simple words and how they overcome the odds

  5. Have recommended this one to Michelle before, but I’ll do it again now, because I’m sure she hasn’t read it yet! “The Return of Merlin” by Deepak Chopra. She can figure out what it’s about, but it has resonated with me in so many ways – the concepts that the story challenges is absolutely mind-blowing. Present, past and future are all given a fresh perspective in this brilliantly written novel and so much of everyday life & values/morals/ideals were in my ponderings after reading this novel. It’s so much more than what’s contained in the pages. Michelle will be wondering what’s so good about it until she sees for herself!!!

  6. The book I would highly recommend to Michelle or to anyone who I ever strike up a conversation about reading is “Ma, he sold me for a few cigarettes” By Martha Long. Martha writes of her childhood memories growing up in the slums of Ireland with her seemingly depressed, hopeless Mother, Her violent, scumbag of a stepfather and an ever growing brood of siblings,. Martha experiences some horrifying situations such as physical and sexual abuse, poverty and starvation and eventually the cold sometimes cruel treatment of the nuns in the convent she winds up in. So why would I recommend such a sad true story? Because, Martha tells her tale with a cheeky streetwise sassiness that had me chuckling to myself and at other times my heart beating so fast I couldn’t turn the pages quick enough!

  7. I would like to recommend The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho who is the writer who is best for me. He has written this book based on the concept used by alchemists to change the common metals into gold. This book has great lessons for life and had inspirational effect on me. I would highly recommend this writer to you.

  8. I would recommend ‘The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl by Belle de Jour’.
    It is about being a call girl and talks about her adventures with men but also about her childhood and friends and memories from her past as well as general comical stories and hints on how to pick up men. Its funny and raunchy and will keep you amused without being too discriptive or too full on. The True Blood books have a lot more indepth descriptions about sex than this book.
    I would recommend this book to any female to read.

  9. i would have to say the carrie diaries, the books on which sex and the city was based on, they follow carrie and her friendsthrough her younger years and truly are fun, kind hearted and enjoyable books,. Very girly, very sassy and very Carrie

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