Reading Wrap-Up for July 2017

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The last couple of months I have found myself over committed so I am trying to be a little more selective. I want to be able to read what I set out to and not put myself under too much pressure. I still have two of the June book club titles to read but the reviews coming in have been positive so I am definitely looking forward to them.

July saw me read all of the book club titles and get a head start on August book clubs, hopefully I can get in front and start catching up on what I missed.

I am pretty happy with July reading, it came in at 10 which is a number I haven’t seen in awhile. But I do have to confess one of those is a free prequel which was only a few chapters.

Football and Netball are slowly coming to a close and we have no more swimming so time is a little more on my side, though I still have a toilet training threenager and a baby. The last week or so has been a little crazy because my biggest boy is 9 today so we have had a heap of baking to do.

My author total doesn’t add up to my book total because I can’t find any info on one of the authors…

Total Books I read in July: 10
9 Female authors/ 0 Male author
10 Fiction novels
9 print/ 1 digital
Books in a series: 4
5 stars on Goodreads: 6
4 stars on Goodreads: 4
Books that qualify for AWW2017: 5
Books for B&L Book Club: 9

July saw us trial a new book club system and from all accounts it’s going well, our readers are happy to see what’s on offer and make an informed choice; and I’m enjoying compiling the lists…. though I didn’t quite get finished last night and that’s what I should be doing now.

I loved everything that I read in July with everything either 4 or 5 stars. I don’t really want to pick a favourite… I don’t think I could. Lost for Words had tattoos and a bookshop so it’s up there, I love Lexie Rogers.. nope I just can’t do it.

There were lots of books in a series as well, we have Lexie Rogers in Fatal Mistake, The Porter Sisters in Diamond Sky and Beneath the Parisian Skies is also part of a series. All of these books would stand convincingly on their own but I enjoyed them enough that I would want to read any that I had missed.

My one digital for this month didn’t even make it to my tablet, I read it straight from the computer screen. It’s a prequel to one of the book club titles and I, of course, read it after I finished Beneath the Parisian Skies.

July was a good mix of genres and authors that were new to me. There was a bit of travel from small town Arizona to small town Australia, Sydney, Paris and London. We had teenagers, teachers, siblings, stalkers, drug runners and diamonds.

All of my books were book club reads in July so I look forward to seeing what our readers thought, some of the reviews are already coming in.

That’s about it for now, I should sign off of here and go finalise the lists for August book clubs.

We would love to know what you are reading and loving at the moment.

And if you aren’t a member of the book club but would like to be head over and check it out:

Happy Reading!!!

July reads with review links where they are live:
Diamond Sky
Fatal Mistake
The Party
Beneath the Parisian Skies
The Good Teacher
The Secrets of the Tulip Sisters
Lost for Words
Beneath the Skin


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