Reading Wrap-Up for August 2017

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The first day of September, the first day of Spring and what a glorious sky out my window today. I wish I was out in it… but my to-do list is long and at least I will see some sun while I hang washing.

August was a huge month for me and we seemed to have something happening all of the time, which made a dent in my reading time.

Football and netball are both finished for the season and we don’t really do summer sports so hopefully I get some time back. We also seemed to have a lot of birthdays in August. I am looking forward to a much quieter September.

All things considered I can’t complain about my reading for the month, I managed 6 books and 2 of those were genres I don’t usually read. I could happily have made it 7 but after a very rough night Wednesday I felt I should try for a decent sleep last night.

Total Books I read in July: 6
5 Female authors/ 1 Male author
5 Fiction novels
6 print/ 0 digital
Books in a series: 1
5 stars on Goodreads: 4
4 stars on Goodreads: 1
Books that qualify for AWW2017: 4
Books for B&L Book Club: 6

The new system is proving to be a hit and except for one operator error (that I still feel bad about) I think it’s cutting the workload and sharing the love quite well. It also means some of the later books for the month have a heap of reader reviews go up straight away and I like that.

We have also started a new author segment where readers get to ask questions of our featured author and we are going to try and coincide them with book club reviews where we can so that should be fun. This week we are grilling Jodi Perry so if you have any questions for her then today is the day.

Four 5 star reads means picking a favourite will be ridiculously tough. I loved all of them for different reasons. I think The Greatest Gift pulls forward just a little. I love the subject matter, I love the issues and I felt for the characters.

One 3 star read this month which makes it my least favourite by default. The House on Jindalee Lane is a book that I enjoyed, it had lovable characters and an interesting story line but the tension between the leads could so easily have been rectified which I found a little tedious.This is also the only book in a series as it begins The Daughters of Swallow’s Falls novels.

No digitals because I just didn’t have time, book club soaked up all of my reading time. So with all of my reads being for book club I am interested to see what our readers thought and many reviews are already flooding in.

Genre wise there wasn’t a huge variety in August but we did have a memoir which is something we hadn’t done before, and a fantasy which we haven’t had in a while. The subject matter in the Women’s Fiction was quite varied and still gave a range of different experiences.

On that note, I need to go get into the to-do list. I have a review to finish, interviews and author segments to organise and I could start compiling September lists… don’t forget to get your selections in

What have you read and loved in August?

And if you aren’t a member of the book club but would like to be head over and check it out:

Happy Reading!

August books and their reviews where live:
Daughter of the Burning City
The Making of Christina
The House on Jindalee Lane
Sam’s Best Shot
Nineteen Letters
The Greatest Gift

One thought on “Reading Wrap-Up for August 2017

  1. Love this segment and look forward to it. Also loved the Meet The Author, especially with Jodi Perry as I was one of the super lucky ones to get Nineteen Letters. Anna and Michelle, you certainly look after us and the new concept for book selection is excellent, in my book.

    Spring gives time for inspiration – and reading! Always enjoy reading about your reads, Michelle.

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