Prince William: Born To Be King

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Author: Penny Junor
ISBN: 978-1-444-72040-2
RRP: $32.99

Penny Junor is an accomplished biographer and this is far from her first royal biography, in this biography of Prince William she has attempted to pain an accurate and honest picture of the first born son of the People’s Princess.

To paint a prince with accuracy you have to go back to the beginning and that is exactly what Penny Junor has done. This account begins at the beginning, with Prince Charles and Princess Diana from the beginning of their relationship and follows the royal family through to the present day.

Prince Williams growth has been captured in photographs which are collected throughout the book. The first photo of Prince William shows him, or doesn’t show him to be exact, is as he is leaving the hospital less than 24hrs from his birth and all you can see is the blanket he is wrapped in. The photo journaling brings us to photos of his wedding day and first official royal tour of Canada.

Prince William Born To Be King

Penny Junor has brought together many sources to put together a complete and sensitively written biography of the second heir to the throne. He has grown through a lifetime in the spotlight, forever scrutinised, into the people’s prince. He is a charming young man determined to serve the nation he loves, protect his lovely wife and learn from limelight shone on his childhood.

Prince William is quite a private person, not wanting his entire life broadcast so wasn’t involved in the telling of the tale but did allow his staff to talk with biographer Penny Junor.

Coinciding with the year of Prince William’s 30th birthday and a year on from the wedding watched by 2 billion people across the world this will allow readers to get closer to the Prince than ever before.

The release of Born To Be King also coincides with the Diamond Jubilee Year so it has definitely come at a time when the monarchy is in the forefront of the public mind to a larger extent, especially across the sea from their home.

For those who love the royal family and want a more intimate look at the life of Prince William, and by extension another look at Princess Diana and Prince Charles, Prince Harry and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. This will be enlightening reading sure to capture your heart as you follow the growth of Prince William into the remarkable young man he is today.


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