iCrib Tablet Bean Bag

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The iCrib Tablet Bean Bag is a fun little invention which makes reading those e-books a cosy, more relaxing experience. Effectively it is a small beanbag which sits on your lap or other surface and holds your touch screen device allowing you to go hands free.

You can use it to watch your favourite movie or TV show, but for virtual book lovers this really is ideal.


You get your device at the perfect height without having to hold it, and the bean bag itself is light and cuddly so you can recreate some of that warmth that is missing when you sacrifice a real book.

The iCrib Tablet Bean Bag has a side pocket to store your smartphone to keep it safe and a range of colours and materials to choose from. And, if you decide you want to have a nap – use it as a pillow!

It will look cute sitting on your lounge so you don’t need to worry about storage and you can even use it to rest an actual book if you decide to read the old way.


Made from polyester / cotton with polystyrene filling, the iCrib Tablet Bean Bag is approximately 30cm x 30cm x 25cm. RRP $29.95

This has become a bestseller at lifestyle website www.lifeliveitup.com.au – definitely worth a visit as they have a range of fun and useful items!

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